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Where else can one listen to a 2-3 hour interview with the air raid siren Barbara Streisand? Promoting her book of 900+ pages she loathes the seemingly endless 20 minute interviews elsewhere. Even her salutations upon signing off took 20 minutes. So much to cover on a most remarkable career. I could have listened for much longer, but her voice was giving out & she wanted to eat & go back to bed as the interview began at her 3 am or so. What almost brought me to tears was when she spoke about the song "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"" sung by Steve Tyler of Aerosmith & written by Diane Warren. It was based on what her spouse James Brolin said to her. Revealing, fascinating interview. As always. Thank you Howard Stern.

Mooolah 8 Nov 20

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She is a great singer though.

Ouch! My ears hurt. I love her politics, her resilience & verve. Her voice less so. My ears are different than yours evidently.

@Mooolah Even people who don't love her politics, her resilience & verve, usually admit she has a terrific voice. Not a huge fan of her music, I hate all "pop" music for that matter, but she can sing.


I found that interview somewhere and it was good but I had to go on to work so missed all of it.


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