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Atheist lifer here! Thanks for letting me join a group of likeminded people! I have two rescue rabbits named Carmela and Easter that live with me.

By TangoMango503
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Hasenpfeffer? Just kidding, Welcome! We're nuts but interesting! Enjoy!

Decent summary of the folks on here smile001.gif


Hmmm.....bunny eyes.....yes!


Welcome to the site, we are glad to have you here.


Bunnies! And hello welcome to the site. smile001.gif


Are you harvesting Easters eggs? Somebody had to say it!

Sticks48 Level 9 May 5, 2018

Just black jelly beans!! Lol


Welcome to our humble home. You will never leave.

VAL3941 Level 8 May 5, 2018

Beautiful rabbits! Do they get to roam around on occasion?
I oncehad a bunny named Jack, and whenever I let him out he would find a cat and hump its head. The cats didn't care for him too much.....

Lol. These rabbits are both females so the are territorial and hate each other. Didn't know it's the females that don't mix in the rabbit kingdom! Yes they roam in the living room every once in a while!

I didn't know that either...interesting


Hello to you and to the buns. ?

Have you seen my buns yet ??? Lol


I'm a lifer, too. Well, since adolescence atheist. Welcome.


Hi, Tango, and welcome to the website! Nice rabbits.

You can gain points and help people get to know you better if you write your profile and answer all the profile questions, since that's the place many women look first when they see a new member.
Then you make comments and write your own posts to gain more points, and when you reach level two, you can private message people.


Those are adorable rabbits! Welcome.

Thanks!! Easter is a divaqueen and Carmela just chewed my modem power cable so they keep life interesting! Lol

@TangoMango50 Growing up I had two rabbits. They were sisters named Angel and Diva.

That's Awesome! Yeah these sisters don't like each other! Eternal jealousy lol

@TangoMango50 mine were the same




Cool welcome to our community.

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