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Just a reminder of Trump's character BEFORE the Covid pandemic and the Jan. 6th insurrection.

Now in addition he has four indictments with 91 felony criminal charges against him, as well as a civil case which proved him to be a rapist even 30 years after the fact, and he is about to have a massive judgment against him in New York, because committing fraud was a standard business practice in the Trump companies. He just announced he won't honor NATO agreements and would let Putin invade wherever he wants, when much of U.S. strength in the world comes from the NATO agreements. If Trump gets elected again, the U.S. will soon be circling the toilet bowl.

Trump has proven to be a compulsive and chronic liar. While he was president he publicly lied to the American people on average more than 20 times per day. You can't "make America great" based on a foundation of lies. Every nation ever built up on lies has alway collapsed under its own weight.

snytiger6 9 Feb 12

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It’s just scary that some people would have him as president again. They seem to be getting Politics and Entertainment mixed up, which is a dangerous mistake!

The blur between politics and entertainment, for average Americans, has been going on ever since the Clintons came on the scene in the 90s..

@TomMcGiverin We had it with Boris Johnson, but usually the British vote for money in their pockets.

I find it both scary and saddening that voters in so few states have direct democracy — the direct initiative, the veto referendum, and the recall. Most Americans vote for people who can become our predators.

I’m happy to have lived most of my life in states whose voters do have direct democracy..

Visit, and maybe for hours, explore BALLOTPEDIA.ORG for your state’s info, especially BALLOT MEASURES

@TomMcGiverin And Reagan...

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