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Lately I've been thinking the USA has jumped the shark

nowhereman55 6 Dec 9

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I agree, America has been on the decline for decades. The cheerleading flag wavers are just fooling themselves with propaganda. I believe the moment of jumping the shark is when Trump pulled America from world leadership roles and allowed China to take over the leadership role.


Jumped the shark? Oh.... this is so much worse. If you want to use television references here, we've now entered Spocks Brain territory. This isn't just about Fonzy jumping over some shark anymore.

  1. We've somehow managed to come up with an alleged democratic system where minority voting numbers are able to defeat majority voting numbers.
  2. We're being taken over by religious zealots like a cancer and we have a whole generation who doesn't seem to care so long as they get to sit on their couch and play Call Of Duty.
  3. We have a POTUS who is respected by neither our allies nor our enemy's.
  4. We have small groups of people who have ideas about race, sexual preference and equality which once upon a time they knew they should probably just keep to themselves. Now they run for office and use these twisted notions as campaign slogans.
  5. We have religious leaders who are pedophiles and molestelrs.
  6. We have politicians who are pedophiles and molesters.
  7. And last but not least, we have a large percentage of the population who seems to think that all of this is just fine.

Jumping the shark doesn't even come close to describing what's happening here in the US.


Yep. Jumped the shark and in the process of screwing the pooch. Our entire country is becoming a giant clusterfuck.


Oh yeah, I'm pretty convinced none of this is real and we're just characters in a poorly written drama. I'd be okay with that, except for the fact that, as you pointed out, it appears that we are about to be cancelled.


Can't help seeing this swing of the pendulum as visceral reaction by racists to our two terms of a (half) black president, coupled with disgust at the inbred system of corporate Congress.
I hope Mueller throws them and jail.
What's next is anyone's guess.
You know, many non-Americans and many not of a certain tv-addicted age won't know what jumping a shark is. (heeeeyyyyy)

enlighten me. I don't know what jump the shark means

I used to watch too much tv and I didn't know either.



No population is immune to herdthink. The US is no exception. It's apparently our turn to become FUBAR. 😟
The sacrifice of Al Franken was the last straw for me.

I feel a similar sickened feeling with the loss of Franken as I did with the election of the orange one

This is worse to me because it indicates a systemic illness that's going to have to go below rock bottom. I can chalk Trump up to a fluke.
The loss of Al is demoralizing to me on so many levels. Can't help feel the US deserves this heinous fuckery. I just don't want to be on the ride down.

I don't know the whole Franken story but the beginning with the buffoonery on a USO show matched with his accusers' similar sexual slapstick humor does not equate with pedophilia or sexual predation. THe process does not add up either. I am totally with women need to be heard and believed but for him to be railroaded out without the input of his constituents or the process of an investigation is not acceptable.Where does it stop especially since the approach is inconsistent?Franken has the intellect to continue the process of learning and instead we have lost an ally in the battle against the likes of the orange one


I hope we are just finding the holes in our system...most government officials try to be discreet in using the loopholes of the goverment....but the trumpling is like a 3 year old who knows how to pull the emergency brake on the bus....ugh.


I would say hand the USA back to us British but we'd only mess things up as well, at least you'd get health care though!

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 10, 2017

@MsOliver Oooohh! I like your idea! Trying to think who MY ambassadors would be.


I have no doubt that the US has reached its best before date and is starting to rot. Unlike past empires it is not likely to slip quietly into history because that rot has crated a military industrial complex that can destroy the world many times over. Its fall will likely take most of civilization with it.

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