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It is commonly known in the Islamic world that when two men engage in sex, the throne of Allah will start shaking, thus, it is a serious sin that death was meant to the punishment for.
But for some reason, Allah didn't mention anything about his throne shaking when two women are in action?

Yousif-Altimimi 7 Dec 10

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That is because Allah is a man and he likes to watch. He invented the stripper poles and voyeur windows that guys can put money in the slots to keep watching women dance naked and do other things to each other. What a pervert. LOL.


It is normal for all religiones to accept only stright way of sex just to enlarge their communities. Does other religiones accept gays?


well you know man, is like your opinion. (quoting "The Dude" ). allah must had been of little imagination and how else can you explain the 72 virgins for a martyr!!!!

The 1972 discovered version of the Q'ran can be interpreted as saying that the faithful get a bunch of grapes - not 72 virgins. Check it out.

Specifically look here:

at 11:20 and on.


I just wonder if allah's throne ever stops shaking.

It also makes me wonder if he's into girl on girl porn.


I think religions and followers in general are such hypocrites! i am a gay male and i am a medical professional who has traveled to many arab nation's such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, etc
Alot of The men there are just like alot of the men here, Married and Secretly in the closet.
I cannot tell you how man arabs propositioned me when i go there. Its the same here in the states, and in canada where i am from. People think we are so different because of culture and religion but the reality is WE ARE MORE ALIKE THAN NOT!


That was over his head!


So we all know the study that found homophobics more likely to be homosexuals who are caught up in denial. Well, with the burqas they make their women wear all the time, isn't it a wonder that the throne of Allah would shake so much?

godef Level 7 Dec 10, 2017

women?what are they?


Maybe he was scorned by a male lover once, and is jealous of all the hot man-on-man action he is missing out on! 😛😛😛


Because Islam is a VERRRRY men dominated religion. All Abrahamic religions are but Islam the most. A man can marry 4 times but a woman would be stoned if she has more than 1 man.
Well all this was written by a "prophet" that had 12-14 women (who knows?!) one of them 9 years old...
In many strict Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Pakistan women are obbligated to wear abaya and hijab or niqab and men can wear t-shirts and short pants.
I really don't understand how a woman could love and accept something like that.
But for a men that wants to be the boss and rule over women Islam is the right way haha

Alexa Level 5 Dec 10, 2017

Yes, very well said.

To MrLizard's point, Barbara Bush said she didn't know how any self-respecting woman anywhere could vote for Donald Trump, a gigantic sexist, (tiny hands, but giant sexism), yet somehow a majority of white women still did. ....speaking of socialization leading to false consciousness. I've similarly wondering how any Western woman could marry a man from an Arabic nation and move back there with him. But I've met a few who did just that, before abandoning (fleeing from) their horrible trap of a marriage. I know, people are individual, not all the same, but societal rules count for a lot when it comes to how oppressed you can expect to be.


Maybe he likes to watch... 🙂


On that basis, his throne must be one constant orgasmic vibrating machine 🙂 Perhaps he wants to join in, and this is how he can.

His throne is a Sybian. Haha!


Or... maybe 'Allah' was too busy enjoying the show... just saying 🙂


lol same idea when males were locked up for homosexual activity in the UK as an illegal act - but woman with woman sex wasn't recognized as illegal because apparently there was no 'real' penetration during sex lol just showed what sheltered lives some people lead.

I thought it was because Queen Victoria was unable to believe that sex between women ever happened.

That's right. Queen Victoria did not believe that women would do such an act.


When I first read that I thought it was two men engaging in sex. You know, with two women. Then I read the shaking throne bit and was thinking, what's it all mean ?
I know. I'm da slow one 🙂


Don't come a-knockin' when the sapphic throne is a-rockin'.


Could be because their prophet was a perv and a pedophile.

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