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What year is this? I could have sworn it's 2018 but apparently it's 1955. I'd like to show this to the son of a bitch who told me that police forces across the country haven't been purposely stacked with racists.


ProudMerry 7 May 6

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A while back I was out walking at 4AM in the morning and I saw a guy on a fire escape opening a window and climb inside. I called the police. Three cars showed up and the first question they asked me was..."Is he a white guy or a black guy" I suppose to identify people the police sort people by their color. They caught him robbing the apartment. He was white. They said I could be called to court to testify but they never called me.


Des Moines Iowa and Charleston S Carolina juries don't want to raise their taxes by convicting guilty killer cops so to avoid paying punitive damages to victims families. ...most justice comes in federal courts if at all


Racist cops are from 6 generations of keeping KKK membership secret hidden from liberal mayors or the civil servants who gave the final hiring interview. ....they still "hunt" minorities in most states North and South


When I was moving out of Gadsden ALabama 2 of my friends who happened to be black were helping me.They remarked that the police saw them coming down to my neighborhood. I noted that but didnt think much of it. NOt long later a cop car came down my driveway. You couldnt see my house from the road, it was about a quarter mile long. Cop got out of the car with gun drawn. Carded me. Wanted to search my house under guise of coming in because it was for sale. The two guys were freaking out. SO was I. I had a huge green wing macaw on my arm at the time. He knew something was wrong and started acting crazy. THat seemed effective as the cop decided to leave. What a horrible feeling to stand there and know he could have shot all of us and no one would have known the difference.

Maybe one moral to this story is a good gal with huge effing parrot is just the right thing to counter a bad cop with a gun

I'm also from Gadsden. Happily, my parents moved us to Atlanta in 1977, but I spent many a summer there, and have visited periodically as an adult. That place is so depressing!

@ProudMerry yes it was a "white" neighborhood. but very rural. I don't know why the cop didnt just follow them straight there but the only way he would have seen where they were was to drive down each long driveway to find them. I don't think I could have stood by in the situation in your original post

just re read your reply to me and realize I misunderstood, I totally agree with you ,I think I would have walked out there but not sure what power I would have had unless I could verify the AIrbnb statusand if they even would consider that valid

@AtlGeekWoman but beautiful countryside!

@btroje Some of it is beautiful, but I didn't get to see much of that - just the economically depressed places. And whenever I see my extended family, I see hateful attitudes towards people of other races, beliefs, and sexualities. I hate it.


Depends on how you define purposely stacked. I agree, but some may make the other case.


After the last presidential election racists and white supremacists came out of the woodwork in droves. Democracy has been set back by at least 75 years.

As has civility...

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