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They all claim that their God is the fair and the loving great immortal existing.... Why would he or she or whatever let kids die of hunger in Africa and or because of wars and other causes, while they r just innocent little babies didn't hurt anyone or did a mistake. These God lovers absolutely r fucked up brain washed by society. I just wonder what's the right way to deal with them and their believes!!

SaMi1996 2 May 6

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God doesn't give a rat's @$$ about people. You just need to look in his book to see that. He was happy to drown everyone on the planet. For what? What could they have done that was so bad that full scale genocide was the answer? Passover, the systematic slaughter of every first born in Egypt. An act that is greatly celebrated by the Jewish faith. Why? And even look at the book of Job. An @$$hole of a deity, completely destroying a man's life, just to prove a point.
"We're all God's children."....Bollocks. If that were the case child services would have removed us from His house a long time ago. Rant over. ☺️


Most common response I get to that question is "whelp.. god works in mysterious ways..."

I just want to slap the bejeezus out of them and when they ask "what you do that for?" I can reply with "whelp, god works in mysterious ways..hurr durr."


We just buried a friend today. After a six year battle with cancer. She was a fine 58 yr. old grandmother who only wanted to live and spend more time with her family. Nothing the preacher said at the service, could or would ever sway me from the simple truth that he is believing a lie of gigantic proportions. Pathetic beliefs. Pathetic "God"

twill Level 7 May 6, 2018

I’m sorry for your loss.


Difficult question... And the answers are not easy or clear. One thing seems certain period when one has been brainwashed since a child. That belief system is so deeply ingrained it is very hard to get them to think for themselves. If you use science, logic, and Common Sense. You'll end up with a draw at best cuz they're working on faith period and told to believe in the unbelievable. In fact they feel they will be rewarded for it

Fritz Level 3 May 6, 2018

I'm not sure why, but I've been able to get out of the Christian faith. I'm not sure what causes some to be able to stop the cognitive dissonance, and leave a faith.... And others just to stay in the faith.


Keep asking the tough questions like this one


That is a question that you will find answered within yourself in a little time and dealing with it more. Read all you can about it and soon you can shut them down in a few sentences.

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