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Is Trump an atheist?

JohnBeret 5 May 7

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Donald frump is a narcissistic sociopath. Not sure what religion a narcissistic sociopath would gravitate to.

i think he would be god and he would be the best god the very bestest god in the whole universe and probably the bestest for ever and ever...


No idea and it doesn't matter. Not all atheists, just like "believers" are created equal. Every group has their village idiot. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

@SACatWalker LOL, me too some days.


Well he's certainly not a Christian. But he probably thinks he is.


I'm not sure but he is a wanker.

Athos Level 5 May 7, 2018

Can orange haired racoons think about a deity ? As Trump looks in the mirror he only sees the one and only god. So no he is not an atheist, he believes in himself

EMC2 Level 8 May 7, 2018

Quit insulting Atheists with the fake xian false definition of Atheism


Fuck no he is a criminal zionist theocrat Presbyterian by his own words


My observations are that he loves money and thinks that if he has enough of that it makes him someone. He wants others to fill his big internal void by their thinking he is a successful and smart person. He is really a fraud and knows he is.
He doesn't love anyone normally.

I wonder if he really even loves himself—at the psyche level...


I really do not care what his religious beliefs are. I care about his actions and how they affect the population of this country. Ever since he took that first step of promoting hatred this country is moving in a dangerous area.


I don't believe he's an Atheist. I think that he's more like an Easter and Christmas Christian. His faith exists when its convenient for him.

Of the first five answers, i think this one is the best and most rue... although many other answers are mostly true too.


Trump is whatever his base wants him to be.

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