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Women generally preferred masculinized over feminized versions of men’s faces, particularly when assessing men’s attractiveness for short-term, rather than long-term, relationships. Our results do not support the hypothesized link between women’s preferences for facial masculinity and their hormonal status.

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What came first? The Cultural Norm or the Hormonally-influenced preference? The study design problems with this topic are myriad.

The study discussed many of the methodological issues and stated that:

'The current study directly addressed all of these potentially serious methodological problems by recruiting 584 heterosexual women for a longitudinal (i.e., within-subjects) study in which both women’s hormonal status and preferences for masculinity in men’s faces were repeatedly assessed (519 women completed at least 5 test sessions, 176 women completed at least 10 test sessions). Changes in women’s hormonal status were assessed by measuring steroid hormones from saliva samples and also by tracking within-subjects changes in hormonal contraceptive use."


Being that there presently is around 7+ billion people in the world, I seriously doubt we will ever be able to form a solid agreement either way on a study such as that, as everyone has their own preferences in life.


I had to read your references. I never used the birth control pill. I just had my children then asked my husbands to have vasectomies. Little did I know I was preserving their attractiveness. I am such a considerate woman even when I don't try (LOL).


Are you saying we like feminized faces for long term relationships? I'm pretty sure my long term relationships all had masculinized faces.

Here is what the study summary said "As expected, women generally rated the masculinized faces as more attractive than the feminized faces. Preference for the more masculinized faces was also slightly stronger when women judged attractiveness in the context of a short-term relationship as opposed to a long-term relationship." Facial hair was one difference, apparently the 548 women in the study associated full beards with longer term relationships.


I saw a recent article which claimed to debunk this.

If you can cite it. This study just came out.


Sorry. I've tried looking for it. I saw it linked on Reddit last week.


Probably to affect hormonal status the women would have to see further down than the guy's face. Did I just say that aloud?

Actually there are other studies that also looked at male facial features and concluded that female hormonal variations make the difference. The study I quoted is the larges study of its kind, where women's hormonal levels were actually monitored.


See you are here for community. My mom lives in Boynton Beach.

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