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If you're driving a Mercedes in traffic I'm not letting you in. Life already let you in enough.

Duke 8 May 8

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I like your style.


Beemer drivers are the most entitled, hands down though.

You got that right....LOL


I can't laugh at this one. When I was driving a 40 foot long Chrysler, people were kind enough to let me in.

Granted, if they hadn't, it would have caused their Mercedes to explode....

I am sorry! You sir, have nothing to worry about. I apologize for having a dry sense of humor. Keep letting your laughs out!!!


it's your prerogative


Put a bumper sticker on that reads " Jesus loves Mercedes ".


Oh dear... I normally drive a beatup old Prius, but I'm visiting family temporarily and driving my grandkids around in a borrowed Mercedes. It's not mine and I'm being super careful driving it. I'm driving pretty defensively, but assume some measure of consideration from other drivers. Guess I shouldn't in case there are haters of grandmas nervously driving a borrowed Mercedes. I realize this is in Silly Random Fun, but hoping folks will not judge people by the cars they are driving.

@Duke But you would not be able to stop a Maserati if it wanted in.

@Duke Wish I owned a


Bimmers have the right of way at all times.


Ditto for Beamers. Except they'll move over anyway.

That remark was uncalled for sir and it's not 'Beammers' it's 'Bimmers', let's get our terminology correct !.........LOL

@buzz13 sorry, Bimmers.

@Hebert54 Nope you're wrong, google 'bimmer' and see, I should know I am one of the elite BMW owner and driver. lol

@buzz13 I give up. Henceforth, I'll just call them bullies.

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