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I think what goes on here is mostly "preaching to the choir", boys and girls. Gods come and go as civilizations rise and fall, and religion, in one form or another, has always existed. It confers on the state an ordained authority over those governed (the Divine Right of Kings), and the state in return recognizes the right of religion to control the people's thinking as it relates to matters of state and "spirituality".
The thing that bothers me most these days is the dulling of the edge between Church & State, and the "self-fulfilling prophesy" aspect that the Right Wing Christian Crazies are pushing in terms of a nuclear holocaust ushering in the second coming of their Christ...and guess whose finger is on the button?

mjcharles 5 Dec 11

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I disagree. No ones trying to convince anyone of anything. We’re all pretty much going In the same direction. But it gets old being a single voice in the wind.


In our country we an and should do everything we possibly can to create full separation of church and state. It is the only way we can maintain our democracy.


If you are referring to the the criticism of religion that takes place onsite, I think we realize this. And speaking only for myself, I find your "boys and girls" more than a little condescending.

Wasn't meant to be condescending. That's the problem with social media. The meaning or intent of what is written is all-too-often misread or misunderstood.

Good to hear!


Are you suggesting that I don't go trolling enough?


Yes, the erosion of the divide and what I can only see as willful ignorance, since we live in the age of information, taking hold.


Sure thing, choir boy. Welcome.

Lol...ha ha. Whoops!


Our Orangutan in Chief does not bother me nearly as much as his triggerman in the corner. The one always lurking behind and slightly to one side or another of Our Supreme, Exalted, Fearless, Divine, and All-To-Ignorant Leader. The recent 'laying on of hands' performed in the Oval Office was merely an anointing of Pastor Pence's puppet offered as an appeasement to the evangelical horde that might have harbored any doubts about the sanctity of He Who Sits on the Throne.

So, the Trumpenfuhrer is not the one to fear, though he does warrant a rather large dose of trepidation. Let us hope that if they do get to the stage of impeachment, they include the Puppet Master in the mix. If not, we are indeed doomed.


No need to be condescending when stating your opinion. Many people on this website are already aware of the state of things past and present. If nuclear war comes bend down and kiss your ass goodbye.

SamL Level 7 Dec 11, 2017


Wasn't meant to be condescending. That's the problem with social media. The meaning or intent of what is written is all-too-often misread or misunderstood.

I find the reference to boy and girls condescending when many people here are close to your age and being a boy or girl was a very long time ago.


It may be preaching to the choir but the Musical Director scares the shit out of me.


Scary thought!

Betty Level 7 Dec 11, 2017
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