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Israel has the right to defend itself.
Taking out air defenses in a war torn country is a funny way to defend yourself.
Seems rather like offense to me.

powder 8 May 10

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This is israel


I don't know what to think. It is such a tiny country-size of NJ-Many years since I was there-college days.

Yes it is a tiny, illegal state that has massive military and technical strength due to it's backing from USA and zionist corporations around the globe. It is working on the genocide of Palestinians and the elimination of surrounding Arabic countries. It is called the Greater israel Project.


Well, remember the military dictum: "The best defense is a good offense." 😉

Then be honest and declare war. BTW that's what Hammas says.

@powder Yes, but when was the last time the USA was "honest and declared war"? It was 1941 after Pearl Harbor. We've lived in a world of undeclared wars ever since.

@Heraclitus That's a whole different story


Ultimately Israel needs to make a just peace with the Palestinians and their neighbours, if they aim for long term survival. The former is the path to the later. Don't see much hope of that in the near future.

israel should not even exist! It was formed illegally with the help of the British occupation in Palestine. It was the Nakba (catastrophe). The 70th anniversary of the Nakba is on May 15th.


You are right on there.


Israel was formed in 1948 to accommodate survivors of the holocaust. The land was previously Palestine. 700,000 Palestinians were made refugees so that the new settlers could take their homes and land. Israel refused to establish borders and has continuously expanded into Palestine. Israel has now split the remaining fragments of Palestine into two parts....... Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has built a razor wire fence round the 2 million ppl in Gaza who are unarmed and have their food, building materials, water ,power, education materials and all necessities of life restricted by israel. The israelis regularly bomb and shoot the unarmed Palestinian men women and children. There is also a 700km apartheid wall built by israel round the West Bank, and the Palestinians living there are routinely murdered or imprisoned without trial. You will not hear this news on TV because America protects and hides israeli attrocities. Israel has been nuclear armed since 1950 and has the 4th most advanced military capability in the world. It is a very dangerous and fanatical state.

You forgot to mention that they used terrorism to "give" them the land in the first place.

@Jolanta I think it goes without saying that evicting 700,000 people from their own homes and land is an act of terrorism. The israelis would tell us that their god gave them the land though.......

@StarvinMarvin In all the footage that I've seen recently of the 'Right of Return' demonstrations in Gaza, the israeli snipers were murdering unarmed children, women, men and journalists all enclosed inside the razor wire and being picked off by helicopter gunships, drones, tanks, war planes and soldiers. Dozens of innocent, unarmed Palestinians murdered............ and TV reported that 'clashes occurred'.

@StarvinMarvin Yes, they have hideous ways of maiming and killing people and the media has a lot to answer for when it comes to reporting what's happening there.


Not really sure what to think about Israel, have always been on there side, not sure anymore since I'm fairly new to atheistium.

It's a religious state. The golden rule; separate religion and politics. Secular society. That was the enlightenment which dragged us out the dark ages. Why churches don't pay tax because they are meant to be outside politics. Want to be political? Then pay tax.

If you have always been on their side, you certainly need to educate yourself more about what they are doing.

Americans are fed a lot of propaganda about the 'virtues' of israel, but it is a fanatical regime that is constantly committing genocide in order to increase its own power. As well as the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians, israel is leading the destruction of Iraq and Syria.

@Jolanta Yes, I agree! Whenever I hear anyone praising israel, I realise that they don't have a clue about the barbaric atrocities that israel commits on a daily basis.

@Jolanta That's I'm here in general.


Israel is a religious, war mongering Nation. you cannot have a strong religion with war featuring somewhere ?


Yup. Somebody has a friend in the US white house.

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