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No female polygamists.

ProudMerry 7 May 11

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Seems some journalists have gone into it in some detail.

@ProudMerry Never having had (or wanted) one, I will take your word for it.


My eternal gratitude to those women who love us Silverback Primates


May work better than one guy and multiple women.
I have non intimate female friends visit. They criticise the ladies I date saying non of them are good enough for me. The ones I date are always judging the appearance of the others as fat, looking old and so on. Imagine them living under the one roof?

They'd be united against you inside two weeks.

@CallMeDave Yes, it has to be the man's fault, whatever it is.


Heh heh nice but it's actually a myth that polyandry is so rare. Cultures where women are expected to have more than one husband tend to have smaller populations and be located in more remote areas, but they are far from the unheard-of exception that anthropologists once considered them to be. So don't give up hope if you're looking for three other guys to split your garbage duties with.


one prick is plenty


Because there are not 4 good men like me willing to share a good woman who wants us if she could find 3 more like me


so good.


LOL, there is some grain of truth in this, especially here where the trash has got to be burned once a month and you need to wait for safe conditions to do so. The trash consists of only things that can not be composted or recycled and that creates even more accusations over the timely dealing with those.



But I hate seeing men always depicted as lazy slobs. It's really unfair to the good guys out there.

@ProudMerry : You're right. Not always.


good one.


I can't think of a reason why any woman would want more than one.

Deb57 Level 8 May 11, 2018

"When you have the best, why mess with the rest?!" 😉




Lols! I'm sure that's not the reason 🙂

Sure makes me fancy a beer though!

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