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Just got back from God country. It's easy to see how and why people can be so religious when they live in the land that is the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia.

BRatedude 3 May 12

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Hello! My first post here!

I think if more people thought about the Universe as a whole and all of the beauty it possesses, they would not believe in god so much as they would believe in nature. If you feel "awe" while in nature, you are probably a Pantheist.

Lora Level 2 May 12, 2018

Welcome, I feel honored that I was your first post


No it ain't! Mountains don't make people stupid.

Never said anything about the education or the intelligence of the people in the area. I was merely commenting on how the beauty of the area can give people spiritual and religious experiences. Don't forget that when you ASSume, you make an ass out of U and ME.

Also, you're using a double negitave, which means that you are in an agreence with my original statement. That's ok though, I get what you're trying to convey.

@BRatedude l have been there more than once. I know exactly what l am talking about. Take your own advice. I have been all over the country. I have seen incredible sights. I haven't had a religious experience in any of those places. That is why we are on this site. We don't have religious experiences. ?

Good for you, you have traveled across the country and seen some shit and have met some people and so have I ( again don't ASSume and slow clap). However though, one does not necessarily need to believe in a higher power inorder to have a spiritual or religious experience (ie: a near death experience or a profound moment due to a strong drug). As for being on this site... we are here because it's a dating/social media site for people who (at the bare minimum) are uncertain of a higher power and feel the need to exchange ideas and/or get laid.



Dilly dilly!!!


What has landscape got to do with god

I was brought up with beautiful countryside all around me - never once did I think a god had anything to do with it. As I grew and gained an education, I learned that some aspects of the landscape were glacial, some due to river erosion and the caves due to limestone being dissolved by rainwater.
Isn't science and nature wonderful!

Are the people of Georgia and North Carolina particularly uneducated?

Was merely referring that the area has more churches than population


The mountains there, including eastern Tennessee, are breathtaking and I have been moved to tears at times, especially during peak in Autumn. But there's a lot of poverty and low education within those mountains, which helps explains why people there are so religious.

Nice image. Thanks for sharing.


If only we could move the bible hangers.


Mountains are beautiful - closer to "heaven."


I love these land areas and the great outdoors is wonderful. I have a problem with all this however. I cannot equate the beauty of the land with a city in some unknown place and the city has a big gate. This big city (or whatever place being talked about) also has high walls. The Buybull calls this place "heaven" and it is god's country.
Is the place keeping people in or people out? It's hard to tell. We don't get much more than this out of the Buybull. Apparently "God country" doesn't live up to the photo you have provided here or the place the Buybull is trying to describe.
The scriptural "God country" is a big myth.

I believe you misconstrued what I mean by "God Country. What I was in reference too was that the Appilations is an are that has more churches than population. Glad to that you're a literate man of positivity and open mindedness (sarcasm btw)


If God is Nature, you're absolutely right. 😉


And if they have no grasp of reality.

JimG Level 8 May 12, 2018
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