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I believe in energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed and that’s how the universe existence also proves it and so do the planet earth and rest of it occurred through the most beautiful thing called evolution among everything so I say and mean that there is no other power than the power it self

hemanand 4 May 14

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One day, the idea of energy not being able to be created or destroyed hit me SO HARD. I had already become at least agnostic, but didn't know what to do. I felt like I had to believe in something. Then, though I had certainly heard it before many times, this fact hit me when I was watching a crash course on YouTube, and it turned my whole mind around. Realizing that WE ARE WHAT ALWAYS HAS BEEN gave me the framework for thinking about my life and the world. I do not need a super strong belief in any one thing, but this just, it gave me peace to think about that. Like, one of my molecules might have been a molecule in Abraham Lincoln's beard. Or whatever. That also gave me peace about death, which I didn't really have a problem with anyway, but the idea that though I end and I won't care what happens to me, I do know that everything that is I will continue to exist in some form or other, including the energy created by my mind, whatever the hell that is. It was just a huge revelation to me at that moment.

Exactly the correct one ?


In music, which is also vibratory, the 'rest', meaning the spaces in between the notes are as vital as the notes, if not more. I feel the same on a physical molecular level about everything in this universe and beyond. That is why it is called, 'the power of the rest'....


Evolution has nothing to do with energy, it an explanation for biodiversity.

I believe you maybe talking about ‘Creatio Ex Nihilo' and/or abiogenesis

Yes evolution in sense for human life

All movement is vibration, all vibration is active energy. As global biodiversities constantly change and plants, insects and animals evolve, it takes energy, tons of endless energy. Imo, evolution cannot exist without energy.


Of course everything requires and stems from energy, but once are have passed the point of primary energy splitting into energy forms, potential and active, and matter, using that as your basis, don't you think, is a trifle pedantic and rank equivocation by reductionism?
By that logic, everything can be reduced to speculative quantum theory, without accounting for cumulative effects or the context of differing fields of study at the macro-level?

@LenHazell53 I simply posted my opinion to your statement, "Evolution has nothing to do with energy"....that's all. It is your right to change your mind and contradict your own statement, I don't mind that.


So, can pure energy be sentient?

@AmelieMatisse !
A big thought! Sorry... it must have escaped when I was napping.
No real theory. Just that energy can't be destroyed. I think there is something to the energy that makes up "us" is unique to each individual. Maybe that unique bundle of energy is the sentient part.

May be or may not but energy is conscious when your capable enough to recognize it

I doubt it, life tends to be comprised of both energy and matter, a being made of purely either one or the other is unlikely, however since on earth most life sentient or otherwise is matter with an energy component enabling it, in a different environment a sentient being comprised primarily of energy with a matter component enabling it, is highly probable.
Neither however necessarily connote an after life or eternal being, matter and energy cannot be destroyed but can be converted in for one to the other or alternate forms of the themselves, everything in flux at al times.

@LenHazell53 I watched crash course physics and matter is energy

True matter is energy in potentia, hence e=mc2 expresses the total amount of potential energy capable of being release from any given quantity of matter.


when there is nothing to there is nothing thats energy

Rosh Level 7 May 14, 2018
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