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Here are 5 representations of God and yes, one of those representations is God as a woman, extra points for knowing who this famous woman actually is and in what scenario is she depicted as God?
Other than the fact that one of these representations of God is a woman, what else stands out about every single one of them?
I shall give you a clue.
Christianity originated in the Middle East and yet not one of these representations depicts a God off Middle Eastern ethnicity which is odd given that God created man in his own image and that being originally a Middle Eastern religion, that would imply that God himself is of Middle Easter appearance.
What am I getting at?
Quite simply, this is just another way in which religion lets itself down. If it were a television series or a movie, the continuity controller would be out of a job for being so crap at it, either that or they would work at the BBC.

meister268 5 May 14

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On the topic of depictions of deity, if Morgan Freeman were actually God, I'd be in church right now...LOL

You and me both. Imagine the music in his church, more Blues Brothers than Downton Abbey.


Religious dogma serves to reinforce the patriarchal system of oppression.


Damn it man!

God is an Englishman
R. F. Delderfield


I'll have to go with Marianne Faithful in Absolutely Fabulous.

Yup she played it twice in the episodes Donkey and The last shout (parts 1 and 2)

Well done


isnt that your profile picture? I ma sure i have seen it on here somewhere!


Alanis Morissette in the movie Dogma.

NO! Marianne Faithful in Absolutely Fabulous with Dawn French, Joanna Lumley and Julia Sawalaha.

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