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Where do you get your news? BBC, MSNBC, The Guardian, FOX 😓, AlJazerra... Multiple. And why do you.

KateZilla 7 May 14

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RT News, WikiLeaks, PBS, The Federalist. If you want strictly financial/business news, I would suggest either NBR which is on PBS and FOX Business channel. Reuters is a noteworthy mention as well.


Every consumer of news has to sort through what they hear, pick from varied sources and come up with their own conclusions.
PBS Newshour for discussion and debate. BBC for international and BBC and Canadian for views on US. PBS for A1 but watch for biases.
Really like the attitudes of Rachel Maddow, AM Joy. Appreciate Ari Melber and Jake Tapper.
lol Fox is not news. AlJazeera is inherently biased and until the Arab countries show an inclination towards human rights and equal rights for women, I'm not believing that they are newworthy.


Saturday Night Live ??


Radio, Facebook and direct messages from other activists like me are "news" sources. ...fake news is obvious to me selling lies like CNN MSNBC FOX ABC CBS BLOOMBERG
. If the talking head is paid over a million dollars THEY ARE LIARS. ...Democracy NOW & Ralph Nader work full time debunking liars on corporation profiteering venues


BBC and the Guardian.


Reuters best world coverage, Al Jazeera, great in depth stories. Plus for news analysis, Jimmy Dore and occasionally Young Turks. Also occasionally read Huffpo and Intercept.


Pbs-BBC- fox- local newspapers(boise, Idaho)- Ewtn nightly news- a conservitive radio station(yes on am radio) podcasts... not all the time and varies by the day. I want to be somewhat informed, and I want to know why people think the way they do. I want to know why they hold the position that they do ( I am also suspect of why I also think the way that I do. I understand cognative bias and conformation biases that we all have. Example- Fox news every day will bring up Hillary still to this day. I find each interesting for diffrent reasons.


ALL of the above. I get most of what I consider to be the truth on MSNBC and NPR, but spend a little time on most of the other big news distributors. Fox is despicable crap, so not long there, but I need to know what garbage they're broadcasting. AlJazeera is surprisingly informative sometimes. BBC is refreshing for the European point of view. Recently got a new car with satellite radio so I can listen on long drives and not feel the need to catch up at night. I NEVER miss Rachel Maddow's show... she's awesome! A National Treasure.


I don' is poison for the brain for the most part

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