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My friend said something that i couldn't get off my mind. Maybe it's so harsh but yet so true.
"A white racist doesn't have to do anything to black or brown people because they kill each other everyday all across the world."

Tendix 5 May 14

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We all kill eachother, all across the world. I believe what your friend is getting at is less of a race thing and has more to do with social standings. Most people get upset at their oppressors, yet take it out on their social equals, or someone further down the ladder out of fear. Most people would rather punch down then up. Racism itself has always thrived on this fact. The man is screwing with us, but he looks too big to deal with, so we would rather take it out on immigrants, minorities, or the poor. It helps if we actually know very little about who they are, or their plight. Differences are exaggerated, while similarities are minimalised to keep from having empathy for taking it out on the wrong person. Media and music continue to push that empathy is a sign of weakness, to use and direct our hostilities and fear, while preserving the status quo.


Don't matter the color, there are assholes killing innocents everywhere.

I have long thought that if the whities would have left everyone else alone, many of us would not be here and now, and many others would be better-off. But, in this case, whities are just the most obviously and recent bad guys because of the insanity of western coupled with assholes with weapons during the past 1700 years. Islamists come in all colors and are killing all colors.

There is more violence in areas of ignorance and lack of respect for others. Respect for the law (as written, not the enforcers), especially as regards personal property, is the basis for any peaceful society.


Gah. That is entirely wrong. More apt would be that people kill others close to them every day, regardless of color. Serbs and Croats have fought for centuries and the "troubles" in Ireland had a populace that both felt comfortable with leaving doors unlocked but had car bombs as a regular worry.

But this statement implies that black and brown people are inherently more prone both to bloodlust and to inflicting that bloodlust on their own (with an added dollop of how all black or brown people are roughly the same).

As an added rancid cherry atop this particularly shitty sundae is the implication both that white racists don't add to the bloodshed significantly and that the main objection to whites "interfering" with POC at each others' throats is that it's superfluous wasted effort.



Racism is alive and well, I have no doubt. I am seeing it more every day. Sounds to me like the comment your friend made is pretty racist as well or maybe I misinterpret it.


I am so sorry I offended you. I was trying to help. You are right. I have no idea what is out there other than my own experience. Please forgive me.

I thought your original comment was consistent with your moniker, 'IAmLove'. You offered acceptance and there's nothing to apologize for even when the person on the receiving end rejects it. I would have answered in the same vein as you except that I came later and saw her responses. I hope she'll flesh it out and share more, she's got some strong feelings to express which can mean a sensitive, worthwhile young person and we're a pretty nurturing bunch.


You posted this quote and left it up to interpretation. Members of our community have commented on it, interpreting it based on their personal experiences and doing what they always do, some offering support and others coming up with their own slant and you've jumped down the throats of a few.

So, my question would be: what does this statement mean to YOU, Tendix? And, if you care to discuss, how does this affect you personally? What can/do you want to teach us all about your perspective/your personal experiences?


While this statement might be "true," it does not address other issues. White people kill white people everyday across the world, as well, but what is the point of even making the statement? Do they kill each other simply because they are white? Why do black and brown people kill each other? Is it because of their skin color?

Racists do not necessarily want to kill blacks: they do, however, want to segregate them, restrict their rights, limit their freedom of movement and their freedom other ways. They do this in insidious ways. As my ex boyfriend (who is black) says, he does not fear the ranting open racist: it is the ones who smile to his face while working to limit his freedom that is the real problem.


Could your friend be a black or brown racist?


I have heard the same assertion with "white" replaced with "black" by a young idiot.

I don't understand what it is supposed to mean.


To me, the bottom line is, that humans kill one another with sickening regularity all over the world - regardless of skin shades.
And the most frustrating thing about racism is that the only reason we have different shades of skin is because our ancient ancestors chose to live in different climates ! Yes. (part black myself)


So what? You could have flipped that around on him and say a non white racist doesn't have to do anything to white people because they kill each other every day all across the globe. unless your friend was trying to make some subtly racist point about visible minorities being more violent towards one another than white people, in which case that rebuttal would be challenged.


What steals the credibility from a statement like that is when I meet someone like you. Maintain the higher ground 🙂

Varn Level 8 May 14, 2018

Is it true? Sure most Indians from India are killed by brown people. So what ? I have very religious family members that think that there is not any more racism in the usa. That it is all liberal media inciting people. ---They are correct that most laws now are non discriminatory( as far as race) --so what? I more than likly will never be murdered but if I am I will probably be a white person cause i live in Boise, Idaho. So What? 🙂 Side rant== Most killings are done by men.


It is unfortunate but undeniable that people kill people, it is an inherent fact of human history, and in the vast majority of cases the colour of the aggressor and the victim's skin is irrelevant.
Assholes come in all shapes, sizes and colours.
Your "friend's" remark is utterly pointless


Racism is and has been effectively taught for years n years n years... then government sponsored for years n years n years...
I agree 100% with “IAmLove”.

Tomas Level 7 May 14, 2018

Oh honey...a racist is a matter what color they are. To say that brown people kill each other is unconscionable. Don’t give that statement any credit in your mind. We are all one is better than anyone else. Color is skin pigment. Be proud and know that you have a right to be here. Cool?

Thanks I couldnt even think of a way to touch that

You must be a white liberal. I've heard the same statement several times. I often get frustrated with the pigmentation comment from white people and its actually insulting.
Look at the middle East. You have to be living under a rock to not know how many people die there on a daily bases. Don't get me started on Africa. I'm an African immigrant. Millions of my people have been killed by xenophobia. Mexico drug cartels. In America there are more blacks that's die from gang violence that white police that kill blacks or white supremists.
Black and brown people are by far more religious and and sadly why there is more violence and poverty in those communities.
Your comment is just the same as telling black people that racism doesn't exist because we are all equal. I want you tell a 9 year old girl in Africa who will be married off to a 40 year old man that she is equal to a white girl born in America because they have the same pigmentation.
If anything comment is unconscionable.


WTF? This is your friend? Take another look at the numbers and see who's doing all the killing and who's doing most of the dying.


But the fact is that white racists still do lots of terrible things to black or brown people daily as well.

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