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Where do you stand on "taxing churches/faith-based businesses/enterprises/institutions?".
For me, most all are obvious for-profit (not prophet) ventures and should be taxed as such.

BobFenner 7 May 15

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Tell me why they shouldn't pay taxes.

Can't think of any (good) reason.


Tax em heavy, the scumbags preying on the sheep who have no critical thinking skills


Tax those creeps.


Since we can't seem to put the needed lid on the illegal participation in politics then they should be heavily taxed. Personally though I'd rather see them shut down for political activity.

Wowzah; but I agree.


Tax them all. Maybe even at a special higher rate for peddling stupidity to the vulnerable. Should probably word it a little different though.


Tax them.

Coldo Level 8 May 15, 2018

I believe that churches should be able to get a 501 c3 non-profit status only by complying with the laws that non-religious organizations do. They should NOT be given that status by default.


I agree. People actually start religions to get this tax exempt status. All it takes is a few followers and you can call yourself some such religion. They should be paying taxes. ...instead of buying private planes etc. only the community, non profits should be tax exempt. I can't Believe these crooks get away with this.


I think your statement, "churches/faith-based businesses/enterprises/institutions", is the important part to concentrate on as that is exactly what they are, "businesses/enterprises/institutions" and no different than any other capitalist, commercial endeavor.


I agree -- they provide a service to the masses (stupification), they advertise. It is a business. Of course if taxed they will want more of a voice than they already to -- kind of a double-edged sword.


Absolutely they should be taxed.


Tax them all.

jab60 Level 6 May 15, 2018
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