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As an atheist what do you want done with your remains when you die?

I want to be fed to something or to be buried in a simple coffin with an oak or elm tree planted over me.



My kids want me to be cremated. But I told them to wait until I am dead.

Fanburger Level 7 May 15, 2018

I am donating my body to, " The Body Farm."

I hope I die during the Summer months.
I would be most helpful then, as most murders are committed within that time span.

I'd like to do this too. I'd get to be creepy for a bit longer AND contribute to science!

@Blindbird I want to putrify in the back of a car.

Can't someone make my dream come true?

@Donotbelieve put me in a forest. I want my bones nibbled by woodland creatures😜

@Blindbird Classy


I'm going to med school when I die. I've donated myself to science. My daughter wants to go to one of those csi body farms.

Sk8rgrl Level 3 May 16, 2018

1) My brain is going to a neurology study.
2) Rest of my body to whatever science wants me.

I've given my life to science, I'll give my death to science too.

SensualAva Level 5 May 15, 2018

U of T medical dept already has a staked claim on this ol' body.

m1chelle Level 3 May 15, 2018

I want to be composted.


This particular facility looks like what I imagined the Dying Hospital to look like in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. That sealed the deal. 😜

MarlaPaine Level 6 May 15, 2018

I would like to do this as well! I would like to have a memorial sculpture in a cemetery.


Assuming I'd be relatively healthy meat, it would be nice to be laid out on the African Plains, and get recycled into all those wonderful animals (assuming they wouldn't be extinct !). But I l know that's likely not allowed.

So next choice is being part of the Body Farm, to help catch bad guys ! That could work.

evergreen Level 7 May 15, 2018

They do that in some parts of India, lay you out on the mountain for the eagles (and vultures).


Ideally I would like to be put in a rocket and sent into the sun. Back to star stuff. Since that's a wee bit totally impossible I'll be cremated and then scattered in a place I'll suggest, or anywhere really. Minimum fuss. I've specified that already.

David1955 Level 7 May 16, 2018

My drivers license lets whoever first ends up with my corpse take as many of my organs as they can use. As for the leftovers, I have some money set aside to have them cremated and disposed of at sea. I like the idea of green burials and such, but can't afford them. I'm trying to leave as much money as possible to whoever my survivors are.


For me, cremation and to have my ashes spread over the Colorado mountains where I've had so many wonderful times.


I'm torn between donating my organs to help save lives vs. donating my body to science. I wish I could do both.

Alvingo1 Level 5 May 15, 2018

you can donate your eyes within the first 24 hrs. and then your body to science. just call your local university.

You can do both. When I donated myself to science I asked this. They said they would take what they could to donate first, then what's left will go to the school.

@Sk8rgrl Which school did you go through? UT Southwestern?

@Alvingo1 yes that is the one. They sent me a card to carry. I keep it with my license.

@Sk8rgrl Thanks! I'll look them up!


I am donating my body to science. The returned cremanes are to be interred with those of my husband. That way, our children will have a sense of "where we are."

pryan Level 4 May 15, 2018

Have you considered a green burial. There are green burial cemetaries. You are wrapped in simple cloth covering and buried in shallower grave. The idea being that your body will decompose and give nutrient back to the environment. Nor all states support or allow. Colorado and New Mexico do.

t1nick Level 2 May 15, 2018

Donated to science, maybe they'll radiate me and bring me back as the first superhero!


I want cremated and used to feed a tree pod. I want to be a big beautiful tree!


I’m donating my body to science.

Anniemae Level 5 May 15, 2018

I like the theatrics of being put on a viking longship and set on fire.
I'd really like to be launched into space though.
If my wife's having to deal with it then i'd rather not be a bother and just go in the bin with the other waste on a wednesday night.
Dont have any problems with medical research wanting my body, or being sent to a cadaver farm if thats easier for her.
If my brother is dealing with my funeral then I demand he uses my carcass for something inappropriately funny that may cause mild (but easily recoverable) distress to others.
Im also ok with taxidermy.

Best response.


I want to rebel from the high costs of funerals and be buried in a refrigerator box in my backyard. Since the law won't allow that, I hope to have enough strength to make it into the woods. It's about time we humans gave back to Mother Nature. I am having second thoughts about donating my body so that others may have my bits and pieces to save their lives. What if my body parts saves a pedophile or rapists or the next crazy, murderous dictator?

gypsyjane Level 4 May 15, 2018

What if they save the first atheist world leader who is destined to finally rid the world of religion! "Oh no, we can't have a safe world because gypsyjane's organs went on to feed a racoon." 😊


Google Bios Urn... I want something like that, basically the exact idea you have, but (hopefully) done efficiently so that you don't need to buy a coffin. smile001.gif

Veldoran Level 3 May 15, 2018

I made arrangements already to give my body to science. They will then cremate me, give me back to my children, who are then to put my cremains into a sand clock so I can keep on working.

That is lovely and creative.


I'm not so much decided on something specific, just so long as I'm not locked in a box. I am an organ donor, but beyond that, I could be just as cool with being buried in a way to decompose the rest of me usefully for vegetation, or a viking burial at sea. On the other hand, transhumanist tech could possibly make death nearly a choice--dare I say, within my lifetime. I suppose when I'd choose to go then, again, just wanting to be useful in some way, without needing my body nicely coffined for the rapture.


Cremate me, then just casually dump my ashes.


I’ve always wanted to rot wheee I fell like any other animal, but because of this thinking man nonsense, cremation.


Cremated & interred!

atheist Level 8 May 15, 2018

You should look into Bios Urn.

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