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Nobody is getting any younger and while I haven't had any cosmetic surgery done I know a lot of people who have. What's your take on elective, cosmetic surgery?

Surfpirate 9 May 16

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There are many roads to enlightenment. This is one.


Would have it done if I was trying to hide from the police ?? Does that count ?


So many members of my family have been patients at the Carlson Cosmetic Surgery Clinic that my aunt asked if we could get a family discount. 😀 I've only had cosmetic surgery done on my nose and that only because it had been broken 4 times and I could breathe properly anymore. It sure sucked having popsicle sticks up my nostrils for a few days but I could finally breathe properly. Note to self, don't reset your own broken nose, go to the hospital instead.
Oh and the time I got hit in the face with a piece of angle iron and split my upper lip in half like the Joker. They did a good job but I still wear a mustache to this day to cover it over.


I've had a couple of procedures done. One I love, the other less so but that one is mostly as a memorial to someone else.

I personally think of cosmetic surgery in line with tattoos and piercings. It's your body and your temple and no one else gets to say how you decorate it.

Having said that I will fully snark on bad tats or bad plastic surgery. People, that is not something to cheap out on.


People do what they want or need to project an image of themselves. I won't judge them for that.

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