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Several people on this site are trying to level up. They post often. You can help them, and yourself level by following those who post often, which alerts you when they post.

EdEarl 8 May 16

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This may sound disingenuous coming from a Level 9, but just don't worry about it. Do what you enjoy doing. Post what interests you & you think will interest others. comment to be involved. Check out the different groups, but don't ignore the site categories. If you are more interesting, you will be followed & commented & liked. It really is a natural process. Have fun, don't worry about level, it will come as it comes.


It's far better - in my experience to follow people you like.

Also there are only so many points you will gain for "liking" - and after that? They're freebies. 😉 And yes I still give them to posts I like. Which is what I always did.

If you like stuff you don't care about? Your experience may not be as fun as mine.

That is the simple truth! Points & level mean little, enjoy the experience, this is not a video game!

@phxbillcee yes it got cool "pow" sounds too..?

@Charlene I guess it's all in how you approach it!

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