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If your deeply held religious beliefs stop you from baking a cake for a gay couple, change your beliefs. If your beliefs were of any value, they wouldn't be preventing you from doing acts of kindness for other human beings.

Benthoven 8 May 17

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OR perhaps consider that your assertion that this is a matter of religious conscience is simply an act of self abnegation, designed to fool yourself in to believing that you are NOT a bigoted, evil, hate filled, lousy, horror of a human being not worth being pissed on if you were on fire?

Just a thought for consideration.


The wedding cake for a gay couple in Northern Ireland made a lot of news as the bakers refused to bake it - so it became a political issue -

(political issues here are often settled with dire consequences)

I think its too easy to say "change your beliefs!" they are in a hardened culture which is too difficult to escape from in that easy way of just saying "Change!

Change takes time - It wasnt that long ago that people were killing each other here on the streets for religion.

I know quite a few local bakers who would have jumped at the chance to make a cake for anyone.



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