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Noah's Ark, Kangaroos and Australia

sassygirl3869 9 May 17

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Well I never knew that ?


No not at all it is creation science!


Now think about the poor penguins that had to waddle all the way to Antarctica.


Another miracle! HALLELUJAH!


It's God's Will. He picked up the bones in order to test your faith. He's cunning like that. Like when he put old dinosaur bones in the ground to test your faith that the world is only 8,000 years old. Don't believe all those scientists. They'll only teach you things. 🙂


I’m still trying to figure out how the sloth even got there ?

Me too. I would also add how did the blind mole.

@gsiamne not to mention genetic bottleneck. And how did the pyramids get built with such a small population?


same goes for the penguins


I consider ticks to be the best proof that there is no benevolent God. I can make a case for pretty much any other organism, but the tick is a proof that not only is there no God, but if there is, he's a complete asshole.


And sloths from South America (presumably hitching a lift across the Atlantic on a whale - twice, once each way). And penguins. And polar bears (they must have caused a stir when walking through Palestine).

And ... and ...


all that goes away when Noach is understood symbolically rather than literally though, fwiw. (Noah is actually a girl, but nevermind) There are thousands of flood myths, and Noah was just a culmination of them, never meant to be taken literally

still a load of crap

@LeighShelton all the flood mythologies? you think?

@Hebert54 ha well "40 days" is strictly code for "time of testing" i guess. We recognize "untested" adults easily enough, right, even an atheist can grasp the principle iow

@bbyrd009 no, floods happen, just the other crap

@bbyrd009 not interested

@bbyrd009 i do try to think

@LeighShelton ah, plenty of other ways to get there i guess

@bbyrd009 i think and you guess

@LeighShelton yes Leigh, i'm sure your penis is also bigger than mine

@bbyrd009 really?


Haha, that's a good one.


God doesn't require Noah to respawn the earth. It's just a test of Noah's faith. What Noah saved are those animals promised to reappear in the future earth. so that part of the story is just a prophecy on What to be conswrved in the future, not today's world.


"Answers in Genesis" does address this, but it's such a painful exercise in motivated reasoning (sprinkled liberally with what the old fashioned folks call "lies",) that I couldn't get through it. It's really a shame, Biblical literalists give religion a bad name.


According to Dooley (my canine mate , I'm Rob) the bible got it wrong. The ark first visited Ararat not far from us. Ararat is in western Victoria, Oz. Dooley is quite knowledgeable on such matters as he his a proactive paleontologist, that is, he buries bones as well as digging them up.


Pretty smart for an animal that's as dumb as a rock.


God's magic! Works as an explanation for everything.


Lol... its a miracle! Ugh!


This is incontrovertible proof that Aussie's are capable of amazing accomplishments


The bible did not mention did he get all the bugs also?

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