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What are your favorite TV shows that are based on movies?
My favorites are Stargate SG-1, Young Indiana Jones and Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Commando 3 May 18

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The Expanse
Game of Thrones
Babylon 5
The Bridge (the original one)
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Original Star Trek
Sherlock (BBC)


SG-1 and MASH


Lethal Weapon, Stargate SG-1, Firefly (even though the movie came after)


Odd Couple, Fargo, Bates Motel


Very rarely does a tv show do justice to a movie. Many more times a movie will better represent a tv show. I never watched it but I heard Fargo was good and Twin Peaks may qualify.


I enjoyed all of the Stargate series. Universe turned out to be my favorite. Star Wars clone wars and rebels were good too.


SG1, Odd Couple, Mash

jab60 Level 6 May 18, 2018

12 monkeys.


You have me also with SG1 and the whole Stargate series. Atlantis has become my fave though.
Firefly of course though it went the other way and finished with the movie.

Ah, Firefly. I will never forgive Fox for cancelling it.

@Kbdank71 same


I really enjoyed Ash vs the Evil Dead while it lasted.

Otherwise, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was pretty cool, as was Hannibal


One of my college buddies played in an YIJ episode as a kid.


Yes but the UK version, without the laugh-track. The pathos was better and the laughter was not forced.

@Bierbasstard The BBC didn`t want the laugh track. They showed the US version on another channel recently with laugh track and I found it unwatchable.

MASH was the best. It lasted longer than the actual war did. LOL

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