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Here's the first review of Saving Gaia. The reviewer says I have passionate anger against the greedy fools fucking up the planet. Teaching biology for decades will do that to you. Religion, Big Business and the Government are leading mankind into an abyss and it's heartbreaking.
Book Review
A marvelous romp through the ages with a guy who was a hippie in his youth, and a hippie still. Such passionate anger against the greedies and know nothings trashing our planet---endangering life on this beautiful world. He has a strong grasp of how historically we have arrived at this dangerous time for our planet---religion, stupidity, authoritarianism and greed being up there.. The book is full of factoids new to me. Like did you know that Joseph Goebbels had a PhD in philosophy? A passionate, very personal expression of a thoughtful, passionate man.

Aristopus 7 May 18

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Joseph Goebbels did not hold a PhD in philosophy; his doctorate was a PHD, (which means doctor of Philosophy, in the same way a BA degree is a bachelor of arts, but can be in any creative subject not necessarily art)
Goebbels area study and dissertation was Literature, meaning he was a Doctor of theatrical literature, specialising in 19th century Playwrights, as it was his aim to become a playwright himself, he failed miserably, with only a string of un-produced and rejected plays making up his portfolio, until he moved in to political promotion and propaganda instead.
His PHD supervisor was the illustrious Jewish academic Max Freiherr von Waldberg.
Some theorise it was his failed post academic career being blamed on Max Freiherr not being honest about his lack of talent that lead to his later extreme anti-Semitism especially against Jewish intellectuals.
It is true however that in Hitler's inner circle he was the only Intellectual, having earned his University education by scholarship and pure effort, before becoming embittered and corrupted by the lure of vile fascism.

Thanks for the correction.

In my defense there's not many books in all the libraries of the world that don't have a single erratum. I hope there's not too many more like that.

But what's relative is the context of the Goebbels allusion. Modern-day marketers are using this guy, one of the most evil and misanthropic that ever lived, as a guide and mentor to their nefarious work.

  1. Life a spoiled brat kid, repeat and repeat and keep nagging your mother until she accedes and buys the product no matter how unnecessary and wasteful it is.

  2. The most effective propaganda is disguised as entertainment. I.e. Isn't that Geico gecko cute? The company spends billions making its mascot ubiquitous. How much of your car insurance payment goes to support the luxurious life-styles of Madison Avenue advertizers? In the book I lambast the Lobby System for making this possible.


Congrats! You did


Not the Nazi Goebbels? No respect for Nazis

It was just a point in the book that modern-day marketers follow Goebbels like he was their leader and mentor.


Hey, congrats, dude! Gonna check it out. [edit] Okay, bought it with one-click. My book comes out in June, hint hint.

Let me know when.

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