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Hubble Celebrates 28 Years

CaroleKay 8 May 18

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Geez, already. Where did the time go?

CS60 Level 7 May 19, 2018

Wow, 28 years, that flew by.I remember talking with my son about cool the Hubble was going to be. Really doesn't seem that long ago.


I never tire of the awe that I am inspired by the human mind to create. conversely the human mind's ability to destroy


The cosmos seems limitless and Hubble may have captured the oldest light calculated to be the most distant


I love the Hubble photographs they post.
I wish I could just wrap that glittering blanket of stars and galaxies around me, and roll in them.

You have just proved my point that science and Atheism is sooooo sexy nurturing our true spirit in minds eyes

Star Trek NEXT GENERATION was somewhat sexy with fast travel through past star after star galaxy after galaxy simulated in film televised

@GreenAtheist I loved that aspect of the show, but the cloying, over emotional plots get on my nerves, so I usually can only watch one episode at a time without gagging.


Nice. One thing I often wonder about with these photos is whether or not they are color enhanced. When you see pictures of the planets it seems that there has been some digital magic done to make them appear more intense, color-wise. Does anyone know?

I have no idea. I just figured that is how light is picked up by the camera. I don't know why they would. It's not like photographing sunsets as a hobby and you tweak the saturation. Lol.

@Aralt I see! Thank you for solving the mystery. I was completely wrong.Lol!


I follow NASA on Instagram, I absolutely love when they post Hubble photos. I like your photo's especially the one with the cats

I need to do that.

@CaroleKay Its very cool


Phooey, I can never see the fb stuff on the android app.?

Emme Level 7 May 18, 2018

That's so lame! They need to be on YouTube! 😟

Ya, they do.?


Ugh... me and feeling

Stop that, I'm just six years younger. 😀 Lol, I know.

@CaroleKay. Awww...

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