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I've been reading up on psychedelic drugs lately. There are a lot of positive annecdotal reports on one's sense of well-being after using peyote or LSD. Anyone out there tried either of these?

IndridCold 5 May 18

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Also have been reading about the positive reports about psychedelics.
Check out Michael Pollan's new book "How to Change Your Mind".
UCLA, John Hopkins and NYU are all doing research on the drugs.
I would very much like to get involved.


Thanks for all the answers everyone. I've have really enjoyed trying to "hack" various aspects of my life, and it occurred to me that my brain is the most powerful "CPU" I'm likely to gain access to. I've experimented with hypnosis, trans-cranial direct current stimulation, and lucid dreaming, but these have always felt like I am standing in the lobby of a movie theater trying to figure out what the movie was about based upon muffled dialog and the occasional glimpse of the screen when someone walks out to use the rest room. I seem to instinctively know that the real "life changing" knowledge lies within our own mind.



“You don’t do something like this because you read a magazine article.”

twill Level 7 May 21, 2018

Used to do Acid and peyote when I was young. My grandkids are now asking me about it. I tell them that I wouldn’t trust any pill nowadays because you just don’t know what’s in it. Of course, the same was true 50 years ago when I was doing it. I survived it (and really, really enjoyed it) but now that my grandkids want to do the same stupid stuff I did, It makes me a bit nervous for them. It’s one thing to do stupid stuff on your own, but when your grandkids want to do the same thing, well, it’s kinda NOT the same thing, in a world where you can’t get a job flipping hamburgers without being drug tested.


No peyote, never did it.. But I'd sure like to trip about twice a year....why leave the house to go on vacation? Seriously, it's the quickest, easiest way to get over this God BS.

I did some acid when younger. Some good, some not so good experiences. Then in my 50's some was given to me.....much, much better for me!

twill Level 7 May 19, 2018

Of course not, it's illegal.
It is all in the situation. I'd have a safe, outdoor place like a back porch or campground or an entire national park. Senses become magnified so you need to establish your environs ahead of time. NOT a loud bar.




Yes, all of the above. It's all true. But if you experiment, be sure to have the right supportive people around you during the experience.


Both... but that was decades ago.
I'd suggest you make damn sure you know the purity and exact dosage, especially LSD, you're taking. And have a trusted sidekick there with you.
Designated driver-like.


lots of acid when it was strong . definitely teaches you the power of the brain and just how fragile we are


In younger days, I have used both, and mushrooms as well.


Shrooms...which were dubbed to me “baby lsd”. And if that was the baby, I don’t need the adult.

Nothing "baby" about 'shrooms

It might be the difference between a drop of Tabasco and a dolop of wasabi.

'Shrooms are much cleaner. By that I mean, they leave your system without nany kind of "hangover" or ongoing "weirdness".


No, and I won't be at this stage in the game.


Did and also "morning glory" and "mescaline" before the 1980's. Great times of my youth. I wouldn't trust any poison garbage being peddled today.

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