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Is anybody famous on Agnostic?
Anybody a member of a famous person's entourage?

ThorR 5 May 18

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I danced on American Bandstand!


Don Cheadle and one of the guys from the show Heroes retweeted me once. I'm kind of a big deal.


I would think if there were anyone famous, or famous-adjacent, on this site, they'd prefer to maintain their anonymity.

I'm certain there are - it's that sort of site!


I'm famous in my own mind....does that count?

@AmelieMatisse ๐Ÿ˜€


Eddie Winslow from Family Matters once like a photo of mine on Instagram.....I donโ€™t know if that counts


Hahaha.... Wait til my eternally unfinished 1980s-Retro-Seaside-Sci-Fi novel comes out... I'll be loved by millions. Millions I tell you!

Or... Not.

Hey, it's got 'God' in it... He doesn't come out of it well. ?

You must finish it!


Nope. Just a dull, ordinary life.

You are already famous though.

@Ellatynemouth -- Shh...! 'Tis best not to upset the natives.


I'm not famous, however I did go to school with Richard Linklater. Also, Rex Tillerson went to my school though he was several years ahead of me. I also was engaged to a man who won an Emmy for best cinematography on a short film many years ago (don't remember the exact catagory).

My cousin was friends with Earl Campbell. They went to the same high school.

I also dated a man who was friends with the Winter Brothers (they grew up in the same town).


I'm gonna be I think. Just awaiting Inspiration. He's already 35 years late.


I seriously doubt anyone famous is on this site, but maybe there is a person or two who could become famous in the future.

... or infamous! ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Petter that means more than famous.


Nope. I'm just ordinary me.


I wouldn't know - but I'm infamous in my area. (Have/had a great many friends with a Wikipedia entry.)

Do tell, Petter!

@crazycurlz I was the owner/publisher of three magazines. It came with the territory.
Many became my personal friends, ranging from famous criminals to pop stars to knighted dignitaries, to sports champions, to .......
Come to think of it, I've just had a drink and natter in my local bar with a past world F1 champion - in power boats. We're going out together somewhere, anywhere, tomorrow in order to get away from our wives, who will be glued to the TV watching every second of the Royal Wedding. We're quite content to watch a summary on the news, later. However, when the Rugby season is on, it is our wives who escape the TV !!!

@Petter lol you always fascinate. Magazines? Interesting...have you added to your autobio? I don't remember this in there...

@crazycurlz I haven't added to my auto-bio for ages. I must do so. As it says in the title "History Happens". I really have been a spectator as things passed me by.

@Petter LOL if you ever need an image of a doberman lmk. I got eye candy in my FB feed all day long ๐Ÿ˜€

@Qualia Is that like a Dummerman? We have one of those. ??

@AdorkableMe well idk, mine are too smart for me! They'd do my taxes for me if they could ~8D

@AdorkableMe here's mine being on fire ๐Ÿ˜€

@Qualia This is our 2nd Doberman rescue. Our first was a small female and so smart. She probably knew 20+ commands in hand signals. This big fella just isn't that bright. Lol. But he loves us well... ?

@Qualia Looks like your dog is hunting voles or moles in that photo.

@Qualia, @AdorkableMe Had a dog like that once. Knew loads of hand signals and commands - and ignored them if they didn't fit in with her plans!!

@AdorkableMe He was just being a jumping fool. Loves to launch off that porch, much as it makes me cringe now, it's 2 ft+ off the ground+ the air he catches ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Both of ours are crazy smart. The old lady is now "entitled" tho, the boy is all about making mommy happy, even if he's not sure. (you can see the question mark over his head sometimes... do I do the thing? I love mai mommeee Imma do what she wants" lol
Hand signals are fun โค
@Petter Sounds like our girl.... but she's going to be 11 so... the boy I can call off fence fighting the back neighbor chihuahua & squirrels.


What? I'm not famous? crap


If I were famous, I wouldn't let anyone know. But, I don't want to be famous, not really. However, someone famous may like people adoring them for no particular reason.

Those are called "celebrities" and make a living out of pandering to people with dull and dreary lives, whilst the rest of us are bored stiff.

@Petter Fame is a vapor; popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion. - Mark Twain's Notebook

May you live in interesting times, if that is your wish.


The famous atheists are probably all too busy for this.

vita Level 7 May 18, 2018

I had Margie Clarke at my door yesterday looking for her cat. Not well known outside the UK but she stole the scene in a movie called "Letter to Brezhnev" in the 80`s

She was brilliant in Letter To Brezhnev. That's a great film.

I remember her looking radiant and beautiful whilst doing a job that's "fucking disgusting" (working in a chicken factory). I still remember various scenes:-

A man at a party who very coldly asked the female protagonist if she wanted sex. She responded with: "while there are dogs in the street?"

And the female protagonist again, laid in bed and opening her eyes when hearing the noise of the letterbox rattle after 'the letter' is pushed through by the postman.

@Ellatynemouth Lives round the corner from me. She`s a rabid conspiracy theorist.


Ha ha! Oh dear.

I hope her cat turned up anyway.


Dana Loesch blocked me in twitter. ?


My sister once dated the Tommy John.

godef Level 7 May 18, 2018

@Akfishlady A baseball player who had a surgical procedure named after him that repairs pitching arms.


Possibly, although fame can be fleeting.


Is Bart Erhman a Professor from Chapel Hill, SC, or Dr. Anthony Pinn from Rice Univ. qualify as being not only renown but renown. They are still living and talking, lecturing, debating and winning their disputes.


From 2003 to late 2007, I was a well-known secular activist within the church-state and atheist communities. My work brought me to the highest upper echelons of organized atheism - the Freethought Heads Group, which may no longer exist now that everyone is organized with the Secular Coalition for America, on whose Board I served for 2 years.

I was at the 2007 Atheist Alliance International conference in Washington DC and met all the "4 Horsemen" - a drunk Christoper Hitchens, a snobby Sam Harris, a quiet Daniel Dennett, and a limp-handshaking Richard Dawkins. I even sat next to Dawkins at an SCA Board meeting that weekend. Since I was there as a presenter, I did not act very fangirl about meeting these guys.

I feel that organized atheism peaked at this event, and things in the secular community seemed to go downhill from there. I dropped down to local groups as controversies like Elevatorgate shook the community. I still watch from a distance but no longer participate in atheist-focused groups. I may have dinner or picnics with the local Humanists in my area, they're all wonderful people. But that's about it.

I'm still quite active in the church-state separation advocacy community and am getting back into that form of activism after taking a year off following the untimely death of my spouse. But I'm not famous. Although I am giving a talk in June, so I'll be "famous" for a group of 2 dozen or so political activists.

sjjr Level 4 May 19, 2018

You are famous to me. You are infamous to some. LOL

Dawkins does look like a limp hand-shaker. ?

@Dingfod lol nice to see you again! Thank you, I will take that as a compliment! Track me down on Facebook if you want to follow my stream of consciousness. ๐Ÿ˜€

@DaveMania one thing I have in common with Richard Dawkins is that we're both much batter on paper than we are in person.


The closest we get, that I am aware of, is a youtuber.

I hope you're not sorely disappointed in your company.


Hell yeah... anybody that makes it to level 8 is famous to me.... even the nuts. I learn from them

Getting to Level 6 was easy. Level 6 to 7 is likely to take as long as brand new to 6 took. So I can only imagine that 7 to 8 takes some prodigious posting, etc.

@vita. Just keep doing what your doing. Remember some of us live on here and made points quickly.


I think I'm kind of a big deal. The voice in my head tells me that all the time. My own voice tells me I'm a stupid idiot, but I only talk to myself when I do something stupid or idiotic.

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