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I'm pretty private on Facebook. It's probably because I keep mostly to my family, my close friends and my work buddies. Well, and because I'm an Atheist. I suppose I am pretty vocal in my politics and beliefs against religion as well. My question is, Do you want to be FB friends with people on this site? Are you a private person or more open to it. I consider and Facebook two different worlds and hardly use FB since I found this site. But I also believe there are a lot of people it would be cool to follow.

CaroleKay 8 May 18

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I use FB but in a different way than here


I use FB a LOT but I find nobody's views on religion or politics are ever changed by a FB post. I use my social media in a very social way. If it is political and I wouldn't stick a bread fork in someone's eye over it, it won't show up on personal newsfeed. I prefer to devote my political energy to local races and donations to help candidates who are in my wheelhouse get elected or stay elected. πŸ˜€

Bravo, I like this.


I think it is good to invite people to join, the more the merrier. In the process we may get some miscreants, but we can deal with them.

Ya mean miscreants? lol

@Emme ty

You're welcome. I wasn't trying to be a word nazi. I just thought it was a new word I didn't know. ?

@Emme I'm not easy to ire, and appreciate help. Words have given me grief throughout my life, so I worked on it and have improved. However, others have a knack for words. I checked you made a sound recommendation.

Aww, thanx. That particular word makes people laugh as it's seldomly used & sounds worse than it is. lol ?


CarolKay my name is Lee L Hansen I live in Racine, Wisconsin! I would very much like to be your Facebook friend.


Bear in mind I am very private, Thanks. Added you.

@CaroleKay. I will respect that.


Here you can say God sucks and no one will loose their minds. If you say such thing on Facebook then you will get verbally slaughter..... now, the ironic side of events, you can say silly things on Facebook like calling hot a girl and no one would care and here, some people would loose their minds....let alone discussing politics which has become a new religion where the hatred keeps picking up by the day. Long story short, different forums and similar situations can happen either way

I post Athiest memes all the damn time...haven't had a single major issue..Occasionally I get harrassed from h8ers for be trans.

@Charlene even though we get the occasional troll around here, overall I would say this site is really good. I don't think I have any trans friend yet. Would you like to be the first? Double points !!! ?

@IamNobody sure..either site works..

@Charlene Oky doky Charlene, let's keep the communication channel flowing !!

@IamNobody btw it's Lene Byrne on Fb..


I’m not on Facebook much, but I would totally want to be Facebook friends with you (and your cats)! Lol

My Service Cats are Kiti&Laila

Xoxo! You had me at cats. Lol! β™₯


For me, FB is closer to home; mostly old friends and family. I try to limit it to people I know well enough to invite into my home, so to speak, whether I met them here originally or elsewhere. (Even though I spend much more time here these days πŸ™‚ )

skado Level 9 May 18, 2018

That's what I use Facebook for two but not many people on my page or atheist it's mainly family I have about five family members that are straight-up atheist and we like each other's post but that's it LOL


I have Facebook but I don’t use it. If I did I wouldn’t mind people here adding me there. Or on any social platforms. I’m the same everywhereπŸ™‚


I keep FB just for my family a few friends only. Don't want to use it for more friends. I like this site a lot better. I get to pick what i want to comment on. It's so much better.


I know a lot of non-believers not only here but on FB as well.
I'd be happy to be FB friends with people from here.
I'm Paul Michael on FB. Let me know you're from here.

Aww. The gesture is nice. Thank you. ?


I don't offer gravitas too much of anything I know I can walk away from these kind of things just as easily as I walked in


Yes, I would be friends on facebook with some people (you for one) just not everyone.

I would totally add you too. Side note, you still need to write a bio. A sentence works, lol.

@CaroleKay. Crap! I was hoping by being fb friends, I would get away with out a bio?. I did say I would!
Something like " Once upon a time, there was a handsome Prince who could not believe the fairy tale of a old white guy in the sky you says he loves us, but demands we worship him or we Will burn in hell. That they're is a prince of peace that tens of millions of people have died over!
I promise I will write one Carole.


I, for instance.

Me? (looks around), lol. How sweet. I would definitely add you. πŸ˜€


No on face book. I do not like face book. Theres always backdoors to get into your stuff and your head.


Since I've been here, i also use fb less & prefer to follow my new friends here. I have friends & fam on fb, but I've only invited a few to join here. Quite frankly because I have a general disdain for mainstream hyped-up, distracting tardery. The bigots, trolls, ghetto mentality types don't interest me at all.

Emme Level 7 May 18, 2018

I agree..


Facebook unites good people towards good cause so there I don't rub Atheism up their noses and here I find activist Atheists who might also fight violent faiths globally on Facebook


I agree with your two different worlds analogy. For me, Facebook has degraded into a unending barrage of stories revealing the atrocities Trump and his trumpsters are imposing on what should be (but clearly is not) a rational populous. My ratio of Agnostic to Facebook time is more then ten to one. I think there is a "follow" option for this site. I have no desire to waste additional time "following" someone on Facebook

Yes, exactly. I'm following you now. Click on the star, if you like what someone has to say. πŸ˜€


Lol One of my face book friends pointed me to this site. She is very vocal, scathing in her religious comments. She’s also very vocal about trans issues. So yes, I’d absolutely be FB friends with people on this site. That said I rarely post anything about myself. I respond to other people’s posts.

CS60 Level 7 May 19, 2018

I hope all my friends here will push hard to repudiate all violent faiths waging peace thereby


I'm an in the closet agnostic so I couldn't talk about it on fb.


Oh my goodness. Brand new to the site and I know I found where I have always beed. ly I never new this existed. I know now where I will be most the time. Face book fuck book find a slut book ruin your life book. I know fb is for old friends and . and bitching, and posting food you ate. But you can actually have write and listen to intelligent conversation here. It's like I died and went to internet "heaven" LMAO.


I’m connected with too many people on Facebook to give it up. I am also careful not to share atheist memes and such there.


I’m on Facebook a lot,in fact I found this site through an ad in my newsfeed. i’m not religious so thought it would be interesting to join. I live in the UK so feel I’m probably in a minority on this site and I get the impression it’s more of a big thing to say you are an atheist in the US especially in certain parts than it is here. The main difference between this site and facebook is with Facebook 99% of friends are people I know but on here I don’t know anyone so it’s a good way to make new friends. My posts here have been much more sensible than they can be on Facebook where my weird sense of humour ,sorry humor, can get out of hand.

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