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It’s that time again fuckers! Time for Devon to rant. I ain’t done one of these for a while.

Two, count ‘em, TWO fatal school shootings today in of ours. Thoughts and prayers that the supply of thoughts and prayers can meet the demand. Even an asshole like me that doesn’t much care for children sees the absurdity of these incidents. School is a place to learn, not to die. Nothing...and I mean absolutely nothing...requires an arsenal in a private home. If an intruder wants something bad enough no weapon is going to stop him, whether it’s an assault rifle, hand gun, squirt gun, Bat’Leth or otherwise (the exception would be phasers and disruptors, vaporize the jackass instantly). Citizens of this country have been brainwashed into believing that it’s “god’s-given right” to own firearms. There is no god. It’s demoralizing, humiliating and infuriating that this country has taken this route. Gilead is a real probability. Taking a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies (V for Vendetta)...”did you like that? USA...Ulcered Sphincter of Ass-erica. I mean, what else can you say?”

Here’s what I say “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” (Howard Zinn). Get over the paranoia, get over the selfishness, get over the cowardice.

Item two on my rant list: the royal wedding. I could give a flying rat’s ass. Let’s romanticize feudalism, imperialism and elitism. Let’s celebrate excess and privilege.

Number three: Good rant time! The date for Cleveland’s March for Science has [finally] been rescheduled! July 21st. This date has a huge significance for me, my Chiari surgery was on July 21st, 2014. The sign I’ll be carrying will hopefully have maximum impact:

BRAIN SURGERY SURVIVOR, THANKS SCIENCE! (Today is my fourth anniversary!)

Rant over!

PeppermintDreads 7 May 19

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Speak on sister!!


Science wins again, well done you, power to your elbow and keep going. Respect


Good rant! I wish I had answers for you, friend.


I would agree with the first part, but when someone thinks they don't give a shit about something and then brings up the very something they are supposed not to give a shit about then they have conclusively proven that they do.

@PeppermintDreads It's hardly hypocritical. You would be on safer ground if you thought it was petty, but then by posting back you would have to descend to the same level. Au revoir!


getting the feeling of total powerlessness.
I have been wasting a lot of time and energy over the years lobbying vaisious politicians and political parties. I have had some wins.
But now I have come to realise, the things I have won were things they agreed with and just needed a nudge. Now I find situations where it is the political parties themselves that are the problem. Majority of the population disagree with them.
There does not seem to be any democracy, their power is entrenched.




You go, girl!


Excellent rant!


Happy Anniversary! And I agree on both points!

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