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I rarely think much about being Agnostic, it's a tiny little aspect of my life. But every so often someone in my family may ask about it. Here is a cute text interaction with a family member yesterday:

FM: Are you really into Agnostic thinking?

Me: Yes. I am not religious, and do not believe in god.

FM: You can believe as you like. That does not mean that I will not prey for you. Love you

ME: ....I love you too

FM: Or was that a Freudian slip on pray. Nah, I just spelled it wrong.

ME: No preying on me. LOL

Stacey48 8 May 19

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Its no part of my life until someone pulls me up on it - I don't walk around with agnostic on my t shirt or in my mind taking up valuable space and I don't really care any more what people think or feel about me; (perks of being 70 y.o.)


If you don’t believe the god(s) claims, you’re an atheist.


With most cities shrinking budgets due to increased demand for needs and more religious frauds taking property off tax rolls or not paying business taxes I CAN NEVER GET theocracy off my mind AND WAR CRIMINALS FROM PALESTINE TO PORTLAND hide behind religion to avoid prison for their evils ongoing. ....our Atheism is front row and center for secular solutions to our troubled world


Pray for Peace or Prey for Piece, that is the question.


Dawkins tells a story of a mother finding out her daughter had come out as an atheist.
The mother said, "I can understand not believing in god. But an atheist!"


Why people believe was a topic that I focused on from about 5th grade until a few years ago. Secondary topic is why they are so upset by how I am responding to their argument for god. I don't understand anger over words, I don't get upset over conversation so I've always been curious about why people get so angry. I've recently given up on understanding emotional response because I have accepted that I don't get it.

1 they'll be back.... love has no boundaries...ugh!

@Stacey48. Your so right...its just it seems like it dont.


I can relate to conversations like this, i personally think when they say ill pray for you is definitely disrespectful, thats just my thoughts on it. I don't care for when people say that


Did they really threaten to "prey" for you? How do you do that? Preditory prayer... it's an interessting concept. And to be honest, I think defines the way most "believers" pray.


Ha ha! That's funny. Still irritating how theists classify non belief as a belief.



I can see a tree outside my window and the stars in the night sky. That doesn't make it a belief.

I tend to agree with the Big Bang theory etc, but it's not a belief.

Perhaps this is a semantics issue, with 'faith' and 'belief' being mixed together.

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