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I have returned, alive and well, from the great state of Maine. It was even more beautiful than I remembered. Here are a couple of photos. I put this under "Testimonials" because for me, Maine is as close to religion as I'm going to get.

jeanhartely 5 May 19

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I do live in Maine and this is the closest I have been to a moose in years.


I am so f%$×g jealous. Used to live there. More pictures please!


Our family reunions are held at Sebago Lake. My sisters live there too. Too cold for me though.


Beautiful. I was in Maine once, when I was 12 years old, visiting relatives in Camden. I have fond memories of it.


The moose does not seem too concerned, and she probably knows Mane is a more peaceful State for her than Texas would be. Nice pics.


Moosehead Lake-what part?

Greenville and Rockwood.

I went as far as Lily Bay in one drive. I would have loved to go around the whole lake and landed at NE Carry. I went there 30 years ago. Unfortunately, I was a little worried about the car.

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