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14 months.

It has been 14 months since my stepmom Teresa passed.

Today it is not so bad for me to type those words, see them on the computer screen … perhaps it is because today is also my father’s birthday, and we, for once, had a wonderful conversation. We don’t talk often – last time was my birthday a couple of weeks ago – and many times I leave the conversation feeling saddened and drained of energy for various reasons: he can be rude, demeaning, unsupportive of my career endeavors, we are politically polarized, etc. However, today he was in a great mood and we had a lovely conversation – it ended in a high note, which caused me to cry tears of joy rather than sadness once we ended the phone call.

It also caused me to miss my Teresa – one of her dying wishes was for me to make-up with my dad … she would have been so happy to have overheard the conversation, as it was a step in a good direction.

In a similar note, this week I decided to try planting some flowers outside my apartment this year (first time) as a way to remember Teresa – she would plant flowers and plants every year … this is something I would like to do as a way to keep her in my life, something constructive.

So, I would like to share my first flower “garden” with you all, since you guys have been a great support system for me since Thanksgiving. Thank you. hugs!

evestrat 8 May 19

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What a beautiful garden tribute to your step-mom and having a good conversation with your father is even better. It sounds like you're healing at a good pace. Thank YOU for sharing with us. HUGS


It warms my heart to read your positive words. Your flowers look lovely and bright. Thank you for sharing this. Aren't you glad you found this place? =]


It's nice and inspiring to read what you are doing with all this. Hugs and peace.


Beautiful. So sorry for your loss but what a wonderful way to honour her memory. Families can be difficult can't they. I am pleased to managed to share some positive time with yer Dad


Thank you for writing this. It touches on our heartstrings - many of us have estranged relationships with our family , and all of us need that kind of conversation you had with your dad. Hugs !

Ohub Level 7 May 19, 2018

They're all beautiful!
I love the colors!


It looks wonderful! I love the impatiens and lily. I think flowers are an excellent tribute. I'm happy that you had a good conversation with your dad.


Who wouldn't be proud and honored to have such beautiful flowers to keep a memory alive.


Sending you hugs. Everything you wrote resonated. I have these situations too and it makes me sad. Life is very difficult.

The flowers are beautiful.

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