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The Eighth Amendment.
Sothern Ireland (The Free State) Is voting on the abortion law.Abortion is currently illegal, the "polls" show this could be a close thing.In a Catholic country this is already dividing families.

Coldo 8 May 21

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Abortion Laws are the clearest indication that the government and the church view people as chattels and therefore need to control the power of procreation of said chattels.


I read it's all down to the urban/rural divide. The urbanites view people more as statistics. The rural communities tend to hold traditional notions, many of those church-inspired. The bottom line to be decided next Friday is whether we continue to force Irish women to have their abortions done in England or in their own country.


Catholicism often divides families, communities, nations, and cultures. Perhaps the next vote should address the root cause of so many problems to vote out Catholicism itself, and transform Ireland into a more enlightened country without so much negative influence of religion. Many Scandinavian countries have done this by letting religions die out, and now the people are happier and live in peace, with less crime and less poverty, free universal health care, better education, and fewer social injustices. The way to get closer to Heaven on Earth apparently is to eliminate religion.


Hopefully they will take that next step.?


And however it goes, it will continue to divide for many years, regardless. Look at what has happened in the US... it's one of the biggest drivers of the religious voters. They brought us the current resident of the White House and look at the downstream results of that.

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