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What is your opinion on boycotts? Do you think they are effective? Here in Florida, we have a contentious governor's race starting to heat up. Our biggest grocery chain (and my personal favorite) is supporting a pro-NRA candidate. I wrote to them this morning to express my consternation, and saying I'd be taking my business elsewhere. If boycotts are not effective, what might be? Or is it a lost cause in today's political climate?

poetdi56 7 May 21

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The "Die-In" was BRILLIANT- they're talking about planning one to hit Disney now!


Boycotts are legit. Do your thing. You said the name is Publix? I'll have to remember to shop there when I can. LOL


My ethics have always been to support those that do good for others. When I find a reason to not support any business, then I do take my business to another. I do not cut my nose off for spite though, when need be, I do what works best. Capitalism is a business model that creates greed naturally. That is is failing & we are seeing it now. I'm a Democratic Socialist with an Economics Degree that supports Progressive Simple Taxation.


I vote with my paycheck. I don't go to McDonalds, BK, Hobby Lobby, Papa Johns, Jimmy Johns, Home Depot and a few others. Some I've let know why I will not be return business. It may not affect them much, but it affect me. I feel better.

Home Depot is the pits. I try to shop at local hardware but if not, the Lowe's.

@seaspot_run When I live I also have Menards and Ace Hardware. Lowes is my usual choice. In several places Home Despot is right across the street.


Wow, I am SO glad you posted this. For the first time, I drove an extra 10 minutes to shop at Winn-Dixie (Spend-Dixie?) today because I'm so pissed off at Publix. For years I've been avoiding having any homophobia fundie chicken sammich at do I have to avoid the bright, well-lit, clean and airy spaces of Publix for the rather dingy local Winn-Dixie? Sigh.

I did send them feedback on their corporate website to state how much I hated their support of the loathsome candidate they are backing.


I think boycotts can be effective. It depends on who the businesses main demographic is though. If that grocery chain is in Texas, then it probably won't work. On the other hand, maybe even if a small percentage of their customers boycotts them (maybe 10-20%), then maybe it can add up to millions in losses for the year. The issue is getting those other customers on the same page as you.

I think I remember tv stations changing things even when only a few thousand people complain.

I'm not sure what the answer or the real numbers might be, but you should still voice your displeasure and also speak with your money.


If enough people band together they do. I started boycotting Hobby Lobby after they were allowed to not cover certain forms of birth control for their employees health insurance. Does the $50 or so that I spent there monthly on yarn affect them? Definitely not. But it makes me feel better to not contribute to their profit margin.


Hey , I won't buy papa John's pizza and I try to avoid anything koch bros are involved with. And a few more..

Yep, I would eat grass, sticks, and leaves before I would chow down on Papa Johns. Other pizza chains might be equally vile privately but at least I don't know about them. Hell, I even gave up Yeungling when it's the only non megabrew on the beer list.


Boycotts are pretty simple for companies as long as the main goal is revenue (which for most it is).

If (Financial loss due to boycott) x (Expected duration of boycott) is > (Cost to make changes) = (Changes)

So normally no, there is no effect because the equation doesn't deem it so. Things start to get dicey when you bring values and morals into the equation. For instance Starbucks didn't have to shut down for an afternoon, but they decided to because of someone making a non-financial decision or perhaps (IMO) giving too much credence to the risk of a future boycott.

Boycotting an entire industry will almost never work, boycotting a large international corporation is also dicey because they have a higher cost to make changes. Boycotting the local non-franchise hardware store takes like 10 people.

Thank you - definitely food for thought.


If enough people boycott, then yes, they can be effective. But I boycott even when I don't have a reasonable expectation of having an effect. That's more just me not wanting to be a hypocrite with my choices.

Currently being boycotted: Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, Dominos

vita Level 7 May 21, 2018

100% agreed. Add to the list Papa John's and Wal-Mart - and now Publix.

I don't go to Wallyworld or order from Papa John's.

We don't have Publix around here.


Publix and Putnam have common roots. It is as simple as that. I don't agree with hum, but Putnam is neither the rapid reactionary nor the corrupt moral idiot that many Republicans are. As Republicans go, he is not the worst of the lot and a much more honest man than Rick Scott.

Weeeellll, does being a "proud NRA sellout" fit into any of those categories? []

@poetdi56 I am not sure that it is a sellout. Given the beliefs of the rural Florida culture in which Putnam grew up, beliefs in gun ownership are almost a given. I knew and grew up in the same kind of a culture in rural north Florida. I outgrew those beliefs, but then, again, I did not stay imbedded in the culture that I grew up in.


With the advent of online grocery shopping there is rising competition for your grocery dollars. I'm confident if you mentioned your intention to look at amazon or walmart online Publix will be influenced by this. We already see how many location based businesses are going under due to online competition. Thanks for your civic activism on this issue. I totally agree with your political position.


Any form of protest that is not violent is fine. Boycotting say Publix , is a fine way to protest. Withholding money from any company will get noticed.


Boycotts can and do work. They are non violent protest. I boycott several things.


Good on you for taking that stance. I think boycotts can be effective but when I do something similar to what you've done I look at it as controlling what I can control: my own behavior.


Boycotts can be very effective especially when combined with protests and petitions. Hit 'em in the wallet. They'll learn!

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