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Christopher hitchens said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence he said this in relation to the claims of the religious about the existence of a god. But Christians and the religious r convinced that there r much evidence .. Have u ever heard of any acceptable evidence that a god exists?

Greenheart 7 May 21

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This probably is not the website to find a yes to that question, I have seen it tried, the weeker thier argument becomes the more indignant they become.


The quote is an old one. Carl Sagan, Isaac Azimov,...told us that long ago.

I have no knowledge of anyone providing proof that is verifiably reproducible.


If I had, I would be worshiping that god.

The closest I've ever seen is in the Principia Discordia, where it's asked (in support of the existence of Eris, Goddess of Chaos), "Look at all the chaos in the universe. Who do you think put it there?" That's why I'm a supporting member of the Tactile Temple of Eris Erotic. Or would be, if there were a chapter in my neighborhood. 😉


Take a look at the kinds of evidence they offer, then ask yourself, would they accept that exact kind of evidence as meaningful if you showed it to them in another religion? Then ask them, what would it take for you today, to accept that just this type of event happened, based solely on an eye witness report.

The sad thing is we see how easy it is for people to believe a false narrative, and they don't have to be complicit in the lie to spread it honestly. I have yet to see any kind of evidence that is not absolutely consistent with this. Which is the "real" world we can ALL experience.




Not one of their claims has been backed by any falsifiable evidence. I miss Hitch.


Nope. Not a shred. Not ever.


None what so ever and what most theist do is just quote some scripture from their books and say it is proof. Of course they have nothing outside their book so what else can they do.


If I had I wouldn't be here.


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