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John F.Kennedy on economics...sounds a lot like Trump's plan

gater 7 May 23

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Yes it does. I just wish Trump has more support from Congress!


What? anything you disagree with must be a troll?

@TheAstroChuck his replies to commenters screams troll. Just because he's full time doesnt make him different.


Sure does...


Your post is correct, but I fear that the economic cycles do not favor Trump's reelection. If he can keep the US economy going full blast for another 2 1/2 years, he will have proved himself a greater magician than Harry Houdini.


Bad idea, no matter who has it.

guess you don't know about the record low unemployment, or much of anything about the economy


Of course it has never been proven that Kennedy was any good at being president. The more I learn about him, the worse he gets.

twill Level 7 May 23, 2018

JFK was a great president, he wanted us out of Viet Nam and was murdered for it.

@gater Um, I am pretty sure he that he gave the OK to oust Pres. Diem in ...'61 or '62? (Diem was soon after killed. ) Kennedy was famously told regarding Vietnam, "If we (usa) break it, we own it". I understand that Johnson escalated USA involvement, but Kennedy did too. It seems he opened the floodgates and Johnson marched on in.

@twill Wrong - Kennedy was for complete withdrawal.

@gater A few I gathered. Did not bother to fully read them. Haven't found any that don't agree with me.

I would then venture to guess what he wanted was different from what he did?

@gater Perhaps this is what you meant?

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