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Wow, this is just alarming. The bible seems to be irrelevant to the Evangelicals as well, their religion is Fox News and anti scripture.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 17

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The, so called, conservative propaganda machine has been building for well over 50 years. With persistence, it just keeps growing stronger. It's not about religion, that's just one of their tools.


Fox news?!?!?!?


As far as I can tell, belief is no longer a bible based function. It appears to have become what christian media tells the sheep they should believe based upon their interpretations (often weighted by political and economic goals) of that ever so good book. It is still bullshit, but the bullshit has become far more toxic, far more dangerous.


Yep. The thing that rings most true to me is the “us vs them” thing. And because so many of these people lives in rural or racially homogenous areas, they rarely encounter “others.” Which makes it easier to vilify them.


creepy ! on every level.

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