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Let's all help the USPS get out of the red and screw with junk-mailers.

PickledRick 8 May 25

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Spent 30 years in the Post Office and 22 in management, what you are asking people to do will not change a thing.


What about filling a ziplock bag with sand and put that in the return envelope?
Can you tape the envelope to a brick? What if you wrap the brick first with kraft paper?


I'm in!

mebrn Level 2 May 26, 2018

This brings up a pet leave of mine. I think my mailbox belongs to me, as does my email address and my phone number. I don't know when we decided it was acceptable for companies to force me to spend my time dealing with their crap without my permission, but this is a decision I wish we could reverse.


That's hilarious! What a great idea.


Lol... that's what i do! open it up tear it up and send it back... i've been tempted to get some of those free send in gold thingys and fill it full of rocks and send it in.


You slimy buzztard, you ?   Lol


You should probably make sure the address still appears in the window

And your address doesn't appear anywhere.

Most are coded now.


I’ve. Got. A. New. Hobby.


I thought it was the completely unreasonable pension payments that the government was requiring of the USPS that was the problem. Isn't that the real problem?

Congress keeps changing the rules in an attempt to destroy the Post Office and replace it with a private company.


@GeorgeRocheleau Congress are just the messenger boys, it's the back room boys that are the ones pulling the strings and destroying the country.

@buzz13 No what?

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