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Do you believe in spirits that talk to you?

Merlinseyes 4 May 26

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Is this a joke post?


I wish i had some imaginary spirit friends.



I don't even know what a spirit is (alcoholic ones excepted).


The Unitarian Universalist church has some interesting ideas. They believe that every person including atheists, agnostics, Hindu, Christians, etc.have something to offer spirituality. Everyone can be a part. It's amazing that there are only around 200 Unitarian churches in the United States. That's the best idea I have heard next to agnostic/atheist.


Many Christians swear they believe in all that Eve and the apple story and the Noah myth, and at the same time they believe evolution is a fact. Reely?? I don't see how anyone could believe both. So modern humans existed for at least 50,000 years and then God got tired of it all and picked the dumbest band of people he could find on Earth to choose to start getting the world straightened out. The God of the old testament is worst than Al Capone was. Christianity would be better off to drop the Old Testament but they don't. They read all those myths and believe they are learning valuable lessons every Sunday. Even in the new testament Jesus said "all the nonbelievers are like withered vines and should be cast into a fire".
What is it with Gods writing books? The Christian and the Muslim God each wrote a book? The Christian, Muslim, and Hebrews are all called religions of the book. That is really some book!!
Christian preachers will often say "there are no contradictions in the Bible". What a joke!! There are at least 250 easily found. Turn the other cheek but an eye for an eye? Reely??


Yeah, usually they are 90 proof.


A friend one told me that it's OK to to talk to God. But if he answers back, then we have a real problem.


Assuming you meant something talking to you in your own head, I only have one voice and it is my own. I can turn the voice off and think faster without words but it is not as much fun. If you hear other voices inside your head you could be Schitzo and need to take medicine. This will make the voices go away.

On the other hand, if you are alone somewhere and voices seem to just start talking to you out of the blue like in some movie, you really have a problem. Imagine Moses as the burning bush started talking to him. I don't think that is normal.


No. That is called mental illness.


Inter dimensional aliens??

jab60 Level 6 May 26, 2018

If you are hearing voices see a dr they got tablets that are good at getting rid of the voices


Like whiskey and Vodka, sure I do ?


Define "spirits"

Spirits as in ghosts, apparitions, specters, shades, etc.?

Spirits as in in vino veritas?

Something else?

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