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How about Ireland voting to change their constitution over abortion? I’m very pleased with this. I wish we could have elections on a national or State basis where we where the majority of Americans could put an end to public policies that cause people to suffer because they are driven by the influence of religion.
Any single issues you would like to see voted on in this way?

markisimo 4 May 27

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The reason Ireland has to change its constitution for this to become law, is that it was formed with the catholic church embedded in it. This was altered for the good friday agreement to take place but much of it remains. This a great step forward but lets not forget how many women have suffered in Ireland because of its laws and attitude. Back street abortions, traveling to the UK alone at what is a very stressful time or the farming out of babies like my ex`s mum who was brought up by someone she thought was her mum but really her aunt on her her dads side


It's so reassuring to see that the rest of the world isn't going backwards with us.

My political science professor said a national referendum is possible in the US, due to the founding fathers giving us the "right to petition" the government. We have it here in CA--we vote on Propositions that are identified by numbers. Some examples of ones that have passed are a ban on trophy hunting of mountain lions, the establishment of a state lottery, & making battery cages for hens illegal.

Carin Level 8 May 29, 2018

If all of the energy put into the tug of war over abortion were instead put toward ending unintended pregnancies, I suspect we'd be a lot further along.

Fins Level 4 May 28, 2018

Plenty of studies out there prove your point.


Land if the free won't allow ordinary citizens that level of freedom


Getting rid of the Electoral College or gun control. Hell, let's do both!

I totally agree with you. The U.S. really can't have free elections until Citizens United is abolished. There is way too much money connected with getting politicians elected. Ireland is quite a forward-looking country. It could be an escape country if things get too horrible here.

@robin_l_green If we are to save this democracy it is imperative wr get money out of politics. It cannot be overstated.

A big YES on both counts. So nice to hear other people say this about guns here in the U.S.. Thank you for saying the truth. You sound like a real stand up type of person. Congratulations for being a caring human.


I honestly never thought the day would come that IRELAND would look like a liberal paradise for women compared to these, our United States. Well done, Irish folk. Well done.

Don't get too excited. They haven't legislated the regulations yet.
So far, it looks like abortion will only be available up to 12 weeks,
unless the health of the mother is at stake.
There is still a long way to go.


Ireland has voted to move into the twenty first century.
Here we have the over bearing right wing trying to drag the US back into the dark ages.
I do not like to ge political here, but if we do not remove the republicans, our nation, which is already in trouble, will be destroyed.

It seems to me if we could eliminate the religious influence on public policy in the US most of the Republican Party would disappear.


I read that euthanasia will be coming up soon in Ireland.


It sends a message to Christianity that they cannot control a womens body or tell her what to do. Imagine what men would do if they were told by the government or their church that they had to cut off one of their balls when they reached a certain age. Religion discriminates against women that it isn't even funny.

Trod Level 5 May 27, 2018

You are just too lazy to go buy condoms !

Ah, we woke up the village idiot.

Thank you for the compliment, kind Sif ! Lol


In order for that to work, the majority of Americans would have to actually participate in the process.

GwenC Level 7 May 27, 2018

Yes voter turn out and apathy is subverting democracy. ??☹

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