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I am feeling euphorically happy about today, and I'm all about spreading positivity and here you go! ~~throws glitter into the air~~

  1. It's hot outside (95 here) and the sun is shining. There are a few clouds, but they are the beautiful, white, cotton-y sort. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. The outdoor pool I work at opened this weekend, so I got to swim my laps (1800 yards of them) under that beautiful sky!

  3. I weighed myself and discovered I have lost 14 pounds since mid-April. This started as a post-breakup/sad about my dad/completely lost my appetite induced weight loss, but i started following a (mostly) keto diet a week ago...and 5 of those pounds are from that.

  4. I'm having a GREAT hair day.

  5. Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls came on while I was driving home. Blasting that through my open car windows, wind blowing my hair as I sang along, was bliss.


Barba01 4 May 27

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This is a great read - love it when people find out that they create their own happiness in their lives!


They make the rocking world go round!


It did not get above 60 here in MA. Yeck. The apartment pool is official opened, but forget that; they use too much chlorine anyhow. OTOH I've lost 30+ pounds since the Super Bowl dieting the old fashioned way, i.e. no fad diet. My goal is another 15. Been catching up on Indie music after ignoring it for 15 years. Happy Sunday to U2.

godef Level 7 May 28, 2018

Roll with that awesomeness. I hope that it continues for you.


Sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing.

It was awesome. Thanks for reading! ?


It's Monday morning here and I've got boring administration stuff to do. Your post is a real positive boost - thank you!

Sweet! Glad I could help. ??


Good for you. I've been stuck inside painting house.

I'm a weirdo...i like painting walls. Probably not on a day as nice as this, though. ?


I feel your happiness!


I could hear you singing!

...i was pretty loud. ?

Sing away!


Thanks for sharing the happiness

Glad to. ?


Livin' the Dream, Baby - Livin' the Dream 👍

Yasss! ?


How can anyone NOT like this. =]

Right? Thank you!


All good there, and take care.




I could win the lottery and not sound as happy as you... 2moro WILL be better?

Hutch Level 7 May 27, 2018

Aw...yes, tomorrow will be better.

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