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Shapoklyak 6 May 27

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Republicans will fight this as they are making so much money from it and don't care about landfills or the oceans.


I love finding new sites that encourage submission of photos. New projects for myself and my kids. [] Thanks


I have a motto Don't Plastic

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

Plastics have caused a new geologic age. There is now a geologic layer of plastic over the entire planet. It will still be there millions of years from now.


See the latest Nat Geo magazine for the stories behind the photos. I work hard to avoid plastic usage and to recycle what can be. My household trash amounts to maybe one bag every 3-4 weeks, but most of that is non-recyclable plastic. Being vegetarian eliminates a LOT of trash.

I would think so, but i cannot believe the number of plastic fruit and vegetable containers I recycle weekly. It's sickening. Why can't they package produce in the old pulp paper containers they used to use. I have read articles about how they can make containers out of sugar cane, but then the plastics industry is probably pouring money into congress to prevent any laws prohibiting plastic

@TheoryNumber3 That would be nice if they could use paper for fruit & veggies, but the prime concerns are that they get to the store looking good and to your table undamaged. I use some of those clamshell containers again as temporary pots for garden transplants, organizing small items around the house and for growing sprouts in the kitchen. The real fault is with the manufacturers... EVERY plastic item should be recyclable, easily and profitably. if not, it should be illegal.

@mtnhome Just because the plastic is recyclable, that doesn't mean it gets recycled, unfortunately. I've read that huge masses of what we put in our recycling bins does not get recycled, not to mention how much of it is just tossed on the beaches by careless humans, and it ends up in the ocean killing the sea life. It will take a government that cares to fix this problem, and unfortunately, we don't have that.

@TheoryNumber3 That was why I said, "easily and profitably". There must be incentives.

@mtnhome Or legal recourse on the order of fines for littering


That's way too much trash and too damn sad. We are leaving one fucked up world to our kids and their kids.

You are on the money..its a stain on our is a real concern to kick this plastic can down the road...??

I'm less concerned about the humans (they're actually the problem) but very concerned about the planet's animals suffering from our waste. Even if every human disappeared tomorrow, the fish, birds and land creatures would still be ingesting, getting caught in, being choked by and poisoned from man's waste products for at least 500-years... probably a lot longer. The non-human creatures had no part in this mess except to be the 100% innocent non-stop victims.


Reduce reuse recycle


Sad and very scary. We are trashing the only planet we have.

I think we'll make it to Mars and trash that one as well.

@AstralSmoke No doubt about that. We've already left a lot of trash on the moon.

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