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50 orgasms a day.

Wildgreens 8 May 28

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I so admire this young woman brave enough to tell her story to the world. Why would she do that some have asked, straight out or surreptitiously.

The answer I hunch will be to destigmatise her illness and to normalise her reality, especially for herself.

In fact, most people with disabilities, hidden or not, will attest to the fact that at one time or another, discrimination has affected them daily.

Nevertheless, whether they like to admit it or not, all people are unable to do something, or understand something, or are slower than others to do or understand something. So we all are in effect less-abled, a synonym for being disabled. The fact that we all are disabled in some way physically, emotionally, or cognitively does not mean that anyone is worth less, or worthless.

But people with hidden disabilities or challenges like Amanda are often the least understood, and often most judged to be worth less.

So if you think you are fully able and as smart as anybody, and if your ego can take it, compare yourself to this man, then tell yourself how you feel about him, about his disabilities, and then how you feel about yourself after you measure your abilities against his.

It's time society stopped treating people with disabilities, hidden or not, as if they are less than others. We need to help them as much as we can and as much as they want us to. That's how an emotionally intelligent and evolved society treats all it's citizens.

Among my disabilities some have said are that I'm a dreamer and a perpetual optimist with a refillable cup, one of my favourite expressions. But since reality is my bottom line, a satisfying 70 year lifespan, so far, tells me that my self-view is the right one for me. Lol


Wow, never even knew this condition existed.....


If she is getting off 50 times a day, I wanna know what her cooking tastes like.


Seems more like a seizure disorder.


Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but what was the purpose for sharing this video-to make light of the subject, which is obviously traumatizing for this young woman? I think the notion of 50 orgasms in a day is ok to discuss on a hypothetical level, but I think perhaps that could have been done without playing the video. Just my humble opinion....

Don't get me wrong--I'm definitely not a prude and it certainly is a fascinating thought--I just that I felt so bad for that poor girl after viewing the video. It also sounded as though it was actually causing her some pain. On a lighter note, perhaps we could conduct a few experiments??? lol

You are being way too dictatorial, gotta dial back the senseless policing a little bit.

@DZhukovin I feel that I am expressing my opinion--I don't see why you would perceive it as something other than that, but that's fine if you feel that way.

@TeacherMissEmm It seemed like a personal rebuke. If you needed to express it, then why couldn't you do it in a non-insulting way?

@DZhukovin I don’t see how anything I said could be perceived as being insulting. Seriously what exactly gave you that impression?


I'm sorry, I don't think that impressions are part of the subject matter here, so I call that a loaded question.

@DZhukovin c'est la vie. Peace.

@TeacherMissEmm Yup, peace.




better than 50 shades of gray


wow wow 50 !!!

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

Good story. Not surprised physical therapy is part of this. Know someone trying to build those muscles that collapsed with a baby over 10 pounds. I also can testify to a woman who came 24 times within a few hours twice. He must've used viagra but I don't know for sure.

Ouch !!

Where are all these women when I'm taking my spare change to wal-mart?


OF course this vid is an extreme medical condition, BUT I once helped a partner have 50 in eight hours once! She was very happy and exhausted! For me, my record is about 5.


20 years ago my marriage set our best record of 8 starting & ending midnight. ...her idea because I said 5 when I got out of the Navy....OCD. ...this woman can't have that many partners so her hand must get sore just holding her vibrator


People who have this condition are robbed of lifes greatest physical pleasure. It's like having cotton candy involuntarily shoved down your throat 50 times a day. Something wonderful is turned in to a nightmare.

Thank you. My sentiments exactly.


300 orgasms today.

I'm thinking maybe she just needs another hobby.

Okay, you posted another video, so I know you are not counting yours.


Can you buy it?
Sounds flippant I know, but if we coudl make the cause more widely available, perhaps with a turn off switch.


Wow, poor girl, but on another tack, just think how many men she could make happy and get ever so rich too. That was very naughty of me, I know.


If I could have 50 orgasms a day I doubt I’d want ‘relief’ from that.

zing Level 6 May 28, 2018

According to her, it's so much of it that it can get painful.

Oh you wish, I don't think that any of us have any clue about this, especially men.

@Wildgreens It was more of a quip, I can certainly see it being disruptive and the girl didn’t look like she was enjoying it. I sure wouldn’t want to be out and about and suddenly have an orgasm. But if it’s becoming painful, it seems that should move it further away from the definition of orgasm as most people understand it. I now see it as a clickbait title, and I suspect that the frame of video seen before you even press 'play' was chosen with clickbaity intent. But it worked on me, I clicked on it 🙂

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