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Rituals: I think we all have them.

Every Memorial day, for quite awhile now, I get up extra-early. The neighborhood is quiet. It's "false dawn" time. I brew up a half-pot of extra strong (Army) coffee. I've taken my old issue aluminum canteen cup out of the footlocker and washed it.
I pour myself a cup, and add a shot of Wild Turkey.
I then adjourn to the front porch and drink to "absent friends" as the sun breaks the horizion. I remember the smell of jet fuel, the sounds of ships being gunned up, the quiet talk and nervous laughs of my comrades as we check our gear, confirm radio freqs, and one last time review our flight plans. Dawn. Time to Ride. CAVALRY.

That's my Memorial Day ritual.

Anyone else out there in Agnostic-Land care to admit to a personal ritual for today?

bigpawbullets 9 May 28

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That sounds like a nice way to remember.


Well I used to go to the grave yard and salute the grave flags flying. Not this year. I became agnostic last year. That included giving up spirits, ghosts, heaven. Hell, people in the grave. I honor our country and my flag and my anthem. I will stand for the anthem, hold my hand over my heart. And remove any hat I have on my head.

Good man.
I cannot seem to escape some of those ghosts.


Your ritual is beautiful. I usually post something on my FB page and I remember friends and family who lost loved ones.

I'll never forget those times, or the guys we lost over there.

@bigpawbullets thank you for your service


No rituals for me this day but sounds like yours is a great one. i just remember my relatives and husband who served and think about them and wish they were all still here to enjoy. impossible i know but still . . . Sigh


That sounds like an awesome ritual to remember your friends and lost ones. I don't have any Memorial Day rituals, but I love a good strong cup of coffee in the quiet pre-dawn. My dad always told stories about his adventures in the military (army, navy, national guard), and he too remembered the smell of jet fuel. He was a helicopter refueler (anything to be close to helicopters). Were you a pilot?

I was an Army Aviator .... flew Hueys.

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