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Another one near the reservation

btroje 9 May 28

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I am really liking you pictures.

thanks. i like to share the cool things in the world i am lucky to see


I just love the stratification..lovely..


Do you hunt for fossils as well?

I don't hunt for them but back east I will pick them up. Out here I find pieces of pottery, worked stone tools and meteorites by accident

@btroje I hunt fossils in Mass.

@Charlene Thats not fair. THey can't even run 🙂 i am just against hunting

@btroje, @Charlene I hate hunting for stuff I've hidden from myself!

@AstralSmoke I do a lot of that kind of hunting. Especially when I put something in a safe place

@btroje Safe or 'clever' place!

@btroje exactly..but I don't run either..

@btroje, @AstralSmoke I use place spots I won't forget, then immediately proceed to do so..

@Charlene @btroje I'm a hunter. It must be genetic.

@Charlene fair play then


Gorgeous photo!

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