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A little later

btroje 9 May 28

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very nice


Great picture, brings back a few memories, from my trips out west.


Very cool, what planet is that?

I am not sure. I was under a rock eating ants, skittered out once and saw all this


I love it...




Fantastic rich colors. Is this before or later? I thought it was a sunset.



Wow.. I need to travel more

this is nothing like Dayton. And it really isnt that far away.A plane ticket to Phoenix and a few tanks of gas

@btroje I've been to New Mexico, but it has been a long time

@CraeftSmith but this is Arizona

@btroje I literally just passed up the chance to go to Arizona. I don't really know why anymore

@CraeftSmith I highly recommend going if another chance comes your way. It is beautiful out west.

@Blindbird I just looked at plane tickets. A friend of mine is down there now. I could fly down and drive back with her. Why am I not?

@CraeftSmith do it!!!! You'll be dead a long time. Live while you have the opportunity, my friend.

@CraeftSmith & if you do, stay long enough to hoist a cold one with me!

@phxbillcee sounds good! I'd be headed to Tuscon, but I think that is only a two hour drive.

@phxbillcee, @Blindbird at this point the ticket would be like 500 dollars. I don't have that free at the moment. Plus I would have to miss work.

@CraeftSmith Gotta do what ya' gotta do, but if you're in the 'hood, I'd love to have a beer or coffee or whatever. I'd really like to get most of us together at one time!

@phxbillcee yeah... It would be pretty fun to meet everyone in real life. We should start a group, or something? Not sure best way.
Also, I like hard cider, and I am a lightweight lol

@CraeftSmith I thought this WAS the group!!! LOL

@phxbillcee I mean a 'get together' group. I did just remember there is a way to plan events on this site. That might be better

@CraeftSmith do it. be sure to meander near the mountains where ever. once you hit the plains it all gets the same

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