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I would like to start a new church. The Church of " I don't know"

The church would have a few basic premises.
Premise 1 "I don't know"
Premise 2 " You don't know"
Premise 3 " Anyone who deludes themselves into declaring that they know is indeed deluded.
Premise 4 There is a wonder of not knowing. It keeps your mind open and it fosters a spirit of exploration. It allows you to ride the present moment in a state of wonder

Does anyone want do join? To join all you have to do is say " I don't know"

robmcco 3 Oct 7

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No, because my life doesn't center around my religious beliefs. Now... something like the Association for the Principles of the United Federation of Planets, I might be up for that. πŸ˜›


Je ne sais pas

Non lo so.


Hey at least it would be tax free


I don't know, man...


The church of gnosis


My friend Mike and I started a new religion in Denver in the 1980s. The Church of Totally Elastic Slack, because that is what we all need, a little bit of slack.


I don’t want or need a church.


There was a "know nothing" political party in the USA in the 19th century, the 17th vice president Schuyler Colfax almost joined, he seemed a pretty decent guy.
To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge. Socrates


So many pseudo-churches these days...the churches of spiritual humanisn, jediism, dudeism...of the flying spaghetti monster...and let's not forget atheism.

I've considered it but I would like to call it anything but a church. I lean toward "order".

We do need to get some of that tax exempt pie though. There needs to be an alternative to such corporations as Goodwill and The Salvation Army who process their donations with the cheap labor of the disadvantaged.

I'd hope we'd take better care of them but at least they wouldn't have to listen to sermons to eat.


Somewhat like the Unified Front for Anarchy?(UFFA)
The National Anti-Institutional Institution (NAII)?


I don't know. I have to ponder it a while. I'll let you know.




Let me guess at where you would convene...I don’t know.

I’m with the others on the church thing. I think what we have on this site is a bunch of, well, I don’t know.


I'm not sure, some of the others have posted the term "church" is definitely a loaded one. Of course "tax-free" is a plus, but then I am for religions to lose that status & only be able to operate just as secular non-profits do.


i have been there for a long time

bill Level 3 Oct 28, 2017

Don't want to join any church, or religion. Why would you want to create one?


I wouldn't call it a "church." Christians have ruined that word. Let's find a new one.

Dylan Level 5 Oct 7, 2017



Or, Fellowship. There are plenty of ways to organize it without using the word "Church"

There is an organization called Sunday Assembly doing kind of a similar thing. Here's a link to their site. [] I kinda like the word Assembly; it fits in with the A's of Atheist and Agnostic.


This was a 1979 John Huston movie, "Wise Blood" in which someone starts the Church of No God.


That's Agnosticism, and while it isn't an organized religion, it's a philosophical outlook shared by many individuals.


Is the church of "I don't know" an oxymoron. I hope so. Something to be dogmatic about.


I thought I knew that church is good business. I don't know if this venture will ever be enterprising? I don't know, man, I really don't know

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