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I've been suspecting a high nerd/geek population here. (Also I think that's a Good Thing....).

Ok for the millionth time - who considers themselves a geek? A nerd? Neither? Or both?

Could be a Science based thing... but let's find out!

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RavenCT 9 May 29

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I've always been very bookish. I was a nerdy child, a loner who didn't speak much. Life forced me out of my shell and made me an extroverted introvert. I live alone (with my books) and that's fine by me but if there's a con within 100 miles I let the geek flag fly.

You know we're gonna wanna see pictures?

@RavenCT taken at the NYE Time Lord fest. My hair is still green. The blue was not a wig.

@HighSeasKat I am way farther than 100 milles.....the story of my life. Your bio says world traveler (you had me at books anyway). Can I send a message and talk about places?

@HighSeasKat OMG that's awesome!

@IamNobody I'm on a ship in St Kitts today. I'll be in the Caribbean for the next week. Wifi is spotty but I eventually respond to messages.

@HighSeasKat see, I was right !!! One of my daughters spent summer at St Kitts when she was in highschool. Not this particular place but I am sure we will have places in common to talk about. Enjoy your cruise


Born clutching an Atari 400, even 13 years before they were invented; fell in love with Star Trek before I was out of primary school; could probably knock you up the Terminator's Skynet in Excel VBA if you needed it by Tuesday....

Those credentials sufficient to earn the badge? ??

Oh yes!


Nope. I barely know how to use this fucking phone!

Well it didn't auto correct to "ducking" so you're doing well!

@RavenCT lol. ☺



I'm both but I consider myself slightly more nerdy, if we go by the definition that nerdy is more booky-academic.


However I am a stong supporter of science and always have been.


Never labelled myself or let myself by labelled by others.

These are fun and lightly taken labels by we adults.

Also I keep meeting people and going "I know you! I'm one of you!"... and that's not a bad thing.

Think of it as inclusion. 😉


We don't need your stinking badges!

We have the best badges though? 😉

@RavenCT They're bigly!

@KKGator You should come to one of the parties - you'll love us! 😉


This must be clarified. I possess enough elements of each to be considered a both, but I'm not completely either of them.


Everyone is a geek/nerd about something.

That's what I thought? But apparently some don't know it - yet? lol

Should have put the definitions up maybe?


Old-fashioned book geek here.


As long as my dyscalculia does not immediately disqualify me , by definition , then I might be described by a number of people to be a nerd , and/or a geek . And after all Asperger Syndrome is colloquially known as the "geek syndrome " . Just for fun , I will post this music video , if you please .

I have an Aspie Nephew and he's both.


I'm. A. Human!!!! sadly...


Yup I'm confusing my Nerds and Geeks again - according to the Urban Dictionary - but I grew up way back in time.... so I'm forgiven:


Geek/Nerd Debate
There is a difference between geeks and nerds.

Nerds are smart, people who lack much of a social life. They often have very few friends. Nerds don't talk much, and don't expect others to talk much to them. They are usually nice people, but don't have the social skills to go out and meet new friends.

Geeks are different from nerds in the fact that they have social lives. However, these social lives are often spent pursuing some passion that the geek is obsessed with (i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh!). They spend all their time thinking about their one obsession, and play it in all of their free time. Geeks are usually only friends with other geeks, and attempts to converse with geeks is futile, unless, of course, you want to talk about Star Trek or whatever the certain geek is obsessed with.

Examples of geek obsessions are Star Trek, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, StarCraft, and basically any other RPG.
Nerds are often very shy, while geeks are more outgoing.

Nerds spend most of their free time studying, while geeks make free time so they can play Dungeons and Dragons.

Nerds care what others think of them, but geeks are almost oblivious to the existence of those outside of their geek clan.

Based on all this, I would have to conclude that it is easier to befriend a nerd than a geek, but a geek would probably be a more interesting person.

Yeah... I don't really agree with this either, especially the whole introvert versus extrovert subtext. I've never heard of these being applied to one or the other.

@bingst I know right?


Definite geek/nerd here. I’ve been a major Star Wars fan since childhood. Saw the originals in the theatre... also watched a lot of Star Trek growing up and loved it. I have actually become a comic book nerd in my 40s... I make regular trips to the store now. I’m a marvel fan overall, but am also now reading Swamp Thing, Hellblazer and The Sandman. (Love Morpheus) Neil Gaiman is king!

Yup gotta find the definitions.

There's a glass-fronted cigarette bin in Brighton with two slots and a sign that says 'Vote — which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?'

Last I looked, Star Wars was marginally ahead on volume of fag butts. Which proves that most people are wrong...... Star Trek is clearly miles better.


Back when I was in school and being called geek or nerd, the two terms were pretty much interchangeable, with "geek" just being a stronger, more insulting version of "nerd". But nowadays, geeks and nerds have taken the terms and borne them proudly, and come up with better definitions of the terms and drawn a distinction between them. Then, I was a geek or nerd depending on who was trying to insult me on that particular day. Now, given the modern definitions I know that I am more nerd than geek, but am both.


Depends on what your definition is. Do you see it as Geeks like pop culture and Nerds do well in school or vise versa? Many people use the two interchangeably

I might be Nerd/Geek dyslexic? Dang.


I really have no idea the difference lol. I think I'd call myself nerdy.


It's a badge of honour


I sell propane and propane accessories


@RavenCT haha


Not sure how to vote on this.

I'm not nerdy.

I have been a rocker, leather, eyeliner, long hair ...

But I've also always read poetry , literature and as I grow, I like science more and more.

Oh... and I definitely read a lot of comic books and played RPGs.

DeeTee Level 7 June 11, 2018

Yup you're both!

@RavenCT A geek, I'll grant.

A nerd, I'm not... 😛


I'm just wicked's pissah!

I guess that's Belter?

@Alanb5 errrrr..maybe

@Charlene Belter is a form of pigeon English which was developed by a linguist for the science fiction series based on the James S A Corey novels called the Expanse. Apologies if the reference wasn't accurate in this case. Maybe a coincidence?


I feel any self applied labels would be biased.

I fit into a lot of categories, but none really fit me.

JimG Level 8 May 29, 2018
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